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August 16, 2008



Very pretty and colorful. Can't wait to see more!


Beautiful!! I want one for myself. Is that okay for a 29 year old?!?!


Those are so lovely!!! Wow!


oooh! those are so girly and bee-yoo-tiful!

kitschen Pink

Oh you just get all the top models! Loveliness! t.x


Those skirts gave me an instant smile and uplift!


They are so adorable! The fabrics are lovely and the ruffles are as cute as they can be.


The skirts are so sweet! The little blue flowered fabric looks familiar to me...I either have it in a vintage linen or it was the one at sale at JoAnns that I forgot to go back for & am now kicking myself! lol.
And, those darling polka dot shoes! Where did you get them - I'd love to get some for my girls. This decade has to be the decade for the cutest shoes.


Wonderful! love the fabrics, Susannah x


You alway have the *best* combination of fabrics in your skirts. Wish I looked good in a ruffle skirt. Sigh.

Jean C.

Not only are the skirts cute, but the shoes! They are fun too. Bet the girls had fun modeling!


Dreamy ruffles!

the homely year

Oh, so very all those flowery fabrics!
Margaret and Noreen


I wrote earlier but I wanted you to know how much delight I find in your words and photos. I added you to my favorite blogs that inspire serenity. Thanks for sharing.


Oh my, how perfectly lovely.
I predict that they sell like hot cakes in your shop, dear lady.

chelsea Ann

this is the best photo ever!!!!! Your skirts are adorable~


These skirts are so darling! The fabrics look so retro, like my grandmother's apron fabrics.


This image reminds me of a wonderful postcard I was once sent from Greece, by a friend. It's of the flowery skirts and legs of some middle aged ladies. Of course, the little legs in your photo are a bit more slender, and the shoes a lot more dainty............. still, it immediately made me think of that postcard!
Love vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

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