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September 01, 2008


jessica daisy

Thank you so much for Ella's new skirt, it arrived at the begining of last week, and she really loves it.
It's really beautifully made, and I'm so pleased I bought it!


How can you be nervous when your handiwork is so lovely? You make such beautiful things that it just surprises me that you would be anxious. Anyway, looking forward to your new creative projects.


I just love your photos. You have such a great eye for putting colours and fabrics together.

Hope you don't mind but I have tagged you over at my blog. : )


Don't be nervous. They are so lovely. Looking forward to more.


Everything you do is so lovely! I do know what you mean though about being nervous about introducing something new! Happy sewing!
~Emily in Norway


Your work is so beautiful - wish I had a little girl. Any chance you will make more babushka dolls - missed them when you had them and have been hoping you would offer more for sale - please consider!!!

red tin heart

Your site is lovely! I loved all the skirts..I wish you had them in big girl sizes.
xoxo Nita


you need not to be nervous! i will be on the lookout for a 2-3 blue skirt! your work is simply stunning and every place we go we get tons of comments! i will be adding some pretty trim to my work which has been inspired by yours. have a wonderful friday!

Du Buh Du Designs

Your latest creations are so fresh and fun I look forward to seeing more:)


As you are well aware, I am a great admirer of your products and everything Rosehip. Your ability to visually capture the vibrancy of colour and make everything so magical is truly amazing. ~ Patty


I can't wait for more of your blue skirts. They will make a great addition to my girls summer wardrobe.

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