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July 22, 2008



Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. I am now totally day-dreaming about the very romantic trip I had there in April with my boyfriend. We've already vowed to go back again next Spring.(obviously we're lucky that it's just a shortish ride on the Eurostar) It is the most amazing City. I'm definitely going to check out the 'Quiet corners of Paris' book before we go again.


Gorgeous, Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

You know, I was at Urban Fare last week and saw those kinds of macarons there. They had green, pink, pale yellow and they cost a fortune :)


Paris 1 and Paris 2 must be the best photos I have ever seen on any blog! They are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them ;-)


So beautiful! Now I am just dying to go back. Great book recommendation.


Fantastic pictures, I'd love to see the hidden corners too, looking forward to the third installment.


Beautiful photos. It takes me back....


sighhhhh - it looks wonderful, and your photo's are amazing!



I can hardly contain my sighs of amazement and sheer delight! WOW! This blog has been a beautiful inspiration!

karen tsui


Like many who read your blog, it is something I look forward to reading & never disappoints...You have an eye for photography and your words are ever so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your world with us all...


ohh my goodness! these are once again exquisite. when and if the dollar gets better we will plan a trip to paris. but in the current state, we would have to come back empty handed! and you know i will need to buy ribbons when i go. that's a fact. very lovely trip and i'm sure you will remember this forever. can't wait for part 3!


Your Paris travelogue posts are simply beautiful.

janet gordon

Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures of Paris - your photography is superb. I am always looking for creative inspiration and you have certainly provided it for me this morning. I have opened the blog you recommended from entree des fournissons and will read it later - looks great. Thanks - I will visit you often now I have found you.
Janet in Nova Scotia


beautiful photos again! it sounds like you had the most wonderful time.


Your photos are absolutely stunning ~ simply gorgeous!


How perfectly delightful all of your photos are! What beauty you have experienced and it is sure to lead to new inspiration! Can't wait to see what you will create next!


Beautiful I adore all your photo but my absolute fave photo os the pink storefront..I dream of a boutique front like that.


Great photos

Linda Harre


Linda Harre


Linda Harre



Oh you lucky, lucky girl!! Turning green over here...


Love the colors and inspiration - that checked wall is gorgeous! Was that an inside or outside?

all things bright and beautiful

oh oh oh GORGEOUS!


Oh what beautiful colours and just wonderful pictures all round! Thank you for sharing them :-)

Kitschen Pink

love the roses, love the pattiserie, love the polka dot shoes and I WANT that gnome table! very badly! wonderful blogging - nice to share your holiday! t.x

Kitschen Pink

love the roses, love the pattiserie, love the polka dot shoes and I WANT that gnome table! very badly! wonderful blogging - nice to share your holiday! t.x

Du Buh Du Designs

Now you've got me wanting to pack my bags and leave:) Your images are beautiful ~you'd be an ideal person to travel with as you like similar things and that travel guide you mentioned sounds like something I would want to read.
And isnt that always the case when you find a high end fabric/book/art/ribbon/stationary/bead shop? There's never enough time to look!

martine leduc

Bonjour Beata!
Comment vas-tu?
Tout ce que tu fais est magnifique!

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