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June 11, 2008



have a good holiday.

Isabelle Chastagnol

Hello from France! If you want to buy fabric don't miss the shop "Tissus Reine" in 18ème in Paris: and "Moline": in the same street. C'est LA référence des blogueuses françaises! Ton blog est très beau, c'est un vrai plaisir de te lire. A bientôt,bon séjour à Paris (the weather isn't very nice here, we're waiting for sun and warm!)


The ruffle skirts are divine! and will fly out of your shop! Have a wonderful time in the city of light!


have a wonderful trip!
xx to all of you

Cascade Lemonade

I could recommend so many places in Paris, after studying abroad there and a couple other trips back. I'm so jealous and will be living vicariously! Here are some spots I've enjoyed:
* Tastevin is a restaurant (on? near? Ile St Louis) that was very tourist-friendly and had divine food - I don't know about kids, we were there before our's ;)
* I always liked to take visitors to the end of Metro line 1 at Arche de la Defense, then walk back towards L'Arch de Triomphe - there are lots of cool statues (kiss the frog for me!) to see and places to climb up and down. You're walking over the metro lines, so you can just hop back on at a stop when you get tired (or near the blinking fountains).
* I love the Hotel Cluny/Musee de Moyen Age, where the tapestry of La Dame a la licorne is. It's a very reasonable size compared to the bigger museums and has cool stuff.
* There are lots of fun parks to explore - the park Buttes Chaumont is fun and would be fun for kids, I think.
* Are you going to have a family portrait done at the Place de Tertre at Montmartre?
* Refuge des fondues, near the base of Montmartre is overrun with backpackers and tourists but is fun for fondue (set price menu with hors d'oeuvres, wine, etc).
* I figured I didn't have to mention spots like the Louvre or anything ;) Feel free to email if you have questions - I love to talk travel!


oh, your trip sounds delightful! Hope you have a wonderful time and really looking forward to hearing all about it! Your skirts look like a pile of pretty twirly fun!


Bon voyage, mon amie. J'espere que vous avez un bon et beau voyage. (I think that's right - my french is rather rusty.) But have a lovely trip, take many pictures!


Marche Saint Pierre is a must at the bottom of Montmartre home of Moline and Tissu Reine.
Entree de fournisseurs and La Droguerie for the best haberdashery (take your credit card!).
Le marais quarter for little shops. Also Bastille quarter for nice restaurants and bars (le Cafe de l'Industrie for honest simple food). All these places should have a web site.The best thing in Paris is to walk, walk!
Any questions don't hesitate to contact me!


Hi Beata!
Paris? How wonderful!!
I hope you have an amazing time!
Bon Voyage!


Here is a trick to visit the Eiffel tower without waiting in line for hours: Make a reservation at one of the restaurants and present yourself at the ticket booth: they'll let you right into the elevator and up the 'grande dame.' The food is delicious and the view even better. There are 2 restaurants. The top one is quite pricey, the other one is reasonable.

Another restaurant I love is the one at the top of the pompidou museum. The design is so hip, and it is my favorite museum in Paris. My kids love it.

Joanna is right about "tissus reine" and you'll be in Amélie's neighborhood.

Have fun!

Rachael Rabbit

I simply love Paris - my favorite activity would have to be just sitting at a cafe on the pavement - watching the world go by ... and probably shoving something yummy into my mouth ;-) Those skirts will be sure to sell on Etsy!


I agree with much of what has been said - Entree Des Fournisseurs ( is really the best haberdashery because you can wander about and touch and pick up the items whilst in La Droguerie you have to queue and queue for ages to ask for stuff. Perhaps the best place to go is Bon Marche, the beautiful old department store in the 6th arrondisement which has it's own little concession of La Droguerie where is is often quicker to get served. La Drogurie proper is in Rue du Jour behind Les Halles - Agnes B the famous French designer also has her store on that road. Entree Des Fournisseurs is in the Marais District (4th arrondisement) which is as Celine says and many of them open on a Sunday (although not the haberdashery) which is nice - Place Des Vosges is also there which is Paris' most beautiful square. Another must is Sainte Chapelle (part of the Palais de Justice) which has the most amazing medieval stained glass windows you have ever seen (on Ile de la Cite, near Notre Dame. Got to Ile St Louis and walk down the middle street to see the cheese shops, shops that just sell Foie Gras and try Bertillon for ice cream (the best in Paris).

Try walking the Canal St Martin for a relaxing walk in Paris or visit Parc de Buttes Chamont for a picnic. The Pantheon is beautiful and a seat in any of the parks - Jardins du Luxeumburg or Les Tuileries. The view from the top of Tour Montparnasse is great too if you don't get to the top of the Eiffel Tower.And in that arrondisement there are many creperies as the Montparnasse Station is where all the trains from Brittany arrive and when years ago people moved to Paris from Brittany many settled in the area. The Mosque is a beautiful place for lunch (great couscous) with an outdoors courtyard for mint tea and baklava.

Make sure you see the Eiffel Tower sparkling - at night, on the hour for 10 minutes!

Taking a day trip is also a great idea - Versailles or Fontainbleu or perhaps Chartres.

Here's my blog post from my trip to Paris last September

If I think of anything else I'll drop by again!

Jean C.

Ohhh, lucky you! How wonderful! I hope you have great weather, (traveling w/rain is hard sometimes w/kids!... but make the most of it whatever you come across!) I will be anxious to see your pictures when you come back. Have a great time! Taking your kids that in it'self is fantastic! I would say better than DisneyLand (the kids might not agree... but what a memory!)
Your skirts are so bright and cute. They will sell fast!
Have fun... Eat a some good food for me!


Jealous! Bon Voyage!


Oh lucky you. Have a wonderful time. We were there in April for four days and have decided to make it an annual trip as it's so easy for us on the Eurostar. I would say walk as much as possible. It's a very easy City to wander around and you often come accross unexpected things that way. We walked and walked and walked. As someone else already said you should definitely see the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night. Even when it's just lit up and not doing the sparkly thing on the hour it's beautiful. In fact seeing it like that for the first time made my cry! But then I'm silly like that! Also go up to the front of the Sacre Coeur as the view of the City is gorgeous from there(and doesn't include the queuing involved for the Tower). Oh enjoy every minute. It's a wonderful place.


We just spent our vacation in Paris and Valencay - have a lovely time!

Krafty Keely

Have a great time can't wait to hear about it when you get back.



Bienvenue à Paris !

If you can read this information before your travel please don't miss this event : Marie-Antoinette au Grand Palais till June 30th, with children

Of course : Chateau de Versailles et ses écuries


Excellent séjour à toi et à toute ta famille ET je te le souhaite sous un très beau soleil!

Friendly ..




Bienvenue à Paris !

If you can read this information before your travel please don't miss this event : Marie-Antoinette au Grand Palais till June 30th, with children

Of course : Chateau de Versailles et ses écuries


Excellent séjour à toi et à toute ta famille ET je te le souhaite sous un très beau soleil!

Friendly ..




Lovely Living

enjoy every minute, Paris is great.
Jacoline from


Wow, Paris! Can't wait to see your pictures when you get back. Have a safe trip!


Flea markets...please hit as many as you see! I am sure you will find a ton of vintage fabric and lace!


I am going to Paris too! In 2 weeks! Have a fantastic time, and please sell your skirts, they will fly out of your shop!


The girls have already given good adresses, but if you need a guide or a friend to shop with ... do not hesitate, I don't live very far and that would be a pleasure for me to come with you ;-) Anyway enjoy your holidays as much as possible !

nathalie bearden

have the time of your life in Paris!!!! i can't wait to find out what you saw! enjoy it lady you deserve it!!! and as for the ruffle skirts. you will sell those like water in the desert! i for sure will buy one....i love ruffled skirts and yours are truly one of a kind! hugs and be safe!!!

lori marie

beata! you BETTER be making these skirts for grown up girls too. i MUST have one!!!!

can't wait to see all your beautiful photos ...and your loot from paris. have a great time:)

smiles nad hugs

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the homely year

Have a lovely time in Paris. We're off to the Lot in July...can't wait!
Margaret (and Noreen)


Can't wait to read all about it. Oooh, and the photos!!! I know you are an amazing photographer so I can't wait to drool all over your photos from your trip. Have a wonderful time in Paris!

Du Buh Du Designs

Well, I was empathizing with you regarding not having time to blog and respond back until I saw the bit about you going to! Now I'm just jealous. Cant wait to see the photos and hear about your trip..have a great time :)

alienor (carole)

Mince,j'ai manque ce billet posté le 11 juin ! Je vois que quelqu'un t'a déjà donné le lien vers mes adressses préférées

Si tu es toujours sur Paris, envoie-moi un petit mail !
A bientôt


Hope you are having a lovely time and good to catch up with you again.


Bienvenue en France!!I see you have good addresses yet! La Droguerie is one of my favorite but you have to go early in the morning because there is always too much people!!
A marvelous place is the Musée Rodin but I think you know it and Angelina rue de Rivoli for tea.
Have a wonderful time!!


what a divine swirl of color!


Lovely skirts!
Maria from Sweden


your pictures are so amazing!!! and i love the ruffle skirts---i just want one for me!
thanks for sharing


magnifiques choix de tissus et de couleurs, je vais régulièrement sur votre site pour me ressourcer. Bravo!

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