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May 13, 2008



well done thats quite a mountain!cant wait to see the finished product, love the look of the felt flowers:)


I love those felt flowers, Beautiful colours as well.


Your duvet is gorgeous! I love the colors and prints you used. I know it was a big job, but your end result is beautiful.


Love the colours of the quilt!!
And I can't wait to see the rest of the doll!

Claire - Matching Pegs

Your duvet (or doona as we call them down under) cover looks beautiful in it's crumpled state - such wonderful colours.

I am intrigued by your flowers, do you cut them out by hand, or are they punched out by a tool - they look so neat!


I can't wait to see more...the sneak peek is divine!


Beautiful colors! I am curious to see more of your work. I am imagining a big russian doll as part of a cover? Perhaps?


I can't wait to see! She's got such a darling face!


What a lovely patchwork in wonderful colours - I think the ones with squares are the nicest! / Petra in Sweden

the homely year

Fabulous colours in your quilt...they're so much work, aren't they, but beautiful...real labours of love.
Margaret and Noreen


and i want it whatever it is!!! i have a new blog.....hello typepad! if you don't mind, i would be very much appreciate for you to change the link to my blog to the new address!!! looks like you have been busy!!!!! it's nice to see your work.


beautiful quilt!


Love the sneak peek babushka face!

Jean C.

I really like how you put the white sheet on the back with the Ric-rack... maykes it reversable. Cute. Good for you... another one bites the dust! Do you have any left to make?
I cut out a ton of flannel squares probably about 4 years back. I wanted to make Ragg baby quilts. So, since then between my 3 daughters and myself using these squares (with a varity of colors)we have probably made around 12 or 13 and still have enought to make probably 5 more. It's nice when they are already cut... but they do take up space sometimes. The neat things is that now I'm finally getting them done... now I have an excuse to go buy more flannel! Lol
Have fun, like I said another one bites the dust! Jean


I love everything you do.


Can't wait to see - love that expression on the doll.


i love these colours. it takes me back to my childhood.

Gabriela Delworth


This face design is amazing!

Warm regards,



I too can't wait to see more ... whatever it is, I want one!! loving those little blossoms... LindaSonia


Gorgeous colours in your duvet cover! I thought I could whip up a patchwork duvet cover during my Christmas holidays (thought it would take me a day at the most) 4 days later (and I was power sewing my way though it) I had it completed! In many ways its just as much work as a quilt. I can't imagine having to make many more!! Good on you!

Bobbie Lynn Duran

Love the color combination. Very pretty. :)


How do you cut such neat flowers? mine have such rough edges! is it just my sloppy work? Beaytiful patchwork by the way.


hi beata
the duvet cover is beautiful! i assume i'm one of those pesky people you referred to :)
clearly it's worth the wait!


Your duvet cover and doll face are perfect! I'm also a big fan of the crumpled up look... it does indeed give a good picture of what it will look like and compacts it all into a nice little bunch. Have a great weekend :o)


I, myself, like the crumpled look :)

and those fabrics are gorgeous. very light and airy.


got my serger! i can't wait to use it!


The quilt is gorgeous. The colors are amazing! I love Amy Butler fabrics...I'll be sending you the "package" soon.


Fée un voeu

Beautiful energy !


Oh my I love that pretty lady! What a wonderful garland she is wearing. I like the quilt crumpled. It looks more like home to me! Lovely inspiring blog!


What a beautiful Quilt!
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
from the Netherlands

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