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May 28, 2008



happy belated birthday to nico!

jen duncan

Bravo Beata!!! Just wonderful. And the pics look great.

jessica daisy

It all looks so magical, your so talented!


What a cheerful bunch of fairy pictures! Love it.




just great ! I love what you made, the litlle girls were certainly so happy !!


The photos look amazing from here! Magical actually.. I'm sad that I missed the fairy party!


Beautiful girl! Beautiful pictures!


Lucky Nico and fairy friends. Well done Beata!


Wow wow wow... it all looks fabulous!!


Wow!!! That looks awesome!! And the pics look great, too. :)


Happy birthday to your sweetheart! All that stuff is amazing! That would have been my dream six year old birthday party, too.


The fairy princess party: dreamy and so perfect.

The images: Not aligning properly. (I hate the changes so much)


Looks like a party to remember! Hope your little fairy had a lovely day (and was appreciative!).
Cathy X


gorgeous sparkly skirts! so much inspiration!


So adorable. I wish I had another girl to have a fairy party again. My daughter had hers when she was about the same age as yours. Love the ribbons and colors and all those gossamer-like skirts.

nathalie bearden

everything is so amazing!!! you continue to be a huge inspiration!!! i have been planning kennedy's second birthday party and you have just inspired me to make it that much special. birthday parties are so important to me, even at age 2. i love love love everything you made. the crowns look fantastic. and yes the butterflies are so neat. i have never been one to use hot glue guns, but i guess i will have to get mine out! i know nico was one happy girl!!!!!! happy birthday again!


now, that looks like a party. so sweet!

Jean C.

Your daughter makes a perfect Fairy Princess! So cute! So I love her freckles... does she like them alright? My FIL said when he was little he didn't like his and his big bro's used to make up silly ways for him to get rid of them! They had him put cow puu on his face... I understand that their mom got after them pretty good for that one.
She looks so sweet, I'm sure it will be one for her to remember. Plus all her friends.
Those are always the best kinds of parties, the home made kind.
When I was a kid around 4-5 someone in the neighborhood got the chickpocks... so, they threw a party so everyone else would get them all around the same time. It was great fun... I know it worked cause my brother and I both got them!
Hope you can get back to your project soon.
Happy Sewing! Don't forget to change your needle


Awwww! I cannot get over what you have done! makes me want to do the same! We love Peter Pan in our house and I have a b'day party coming up in 2 weeks! Really inspiring stuff!

the homely year

What pretty things for all the they had a fun time!
Margaret and Noreen


Oh such lovely things for the fairy party. I know your daughter will always remember it. What a fab mommy you are.


What lovely crowns, skirts and what a perfectly fine little fairy! My beautiful boy celebrated his 6th with a creepy crawly roadshow! All sorts of weird creatures in my sitting room ! HA!


Such a pretty party, great job!


Oh my gosh!!!! I love it...and I'm a little jealous. Do you think 35 is too old to have a fairy party? Anyway, everything looks beautiful and magical. Happy belated birthday to your Nico.


Wow, that party must have been magical :o) I love the flowery bouquet with ribbons and butterflies. You have a great imagination!


Wow! What gorgeous photos, and what a gorgeous little girl. Just delightful, Beata. Thank you for sharing them with us.


You are so clever.... what a magical day for your daughter and her friends.


She is a lucky girl! The colours are really jaw dropping beautiful. Oh six is such a lovely age. Thank you for inspiring...I will fall asleep with images of fairy wings and butterflies!


I want to be a fairy pirate :)


A splendid array of color!!!!


A splendid array of color!!!!

Kelly Henderson

Absolutely gorgeous! She's a beautiful little girl and a lucky one too! Thanks for sharing.

Tallulah Maggs

What a beautiful party for a beautiful little girl, wishing I was 6 again.....


I have an award for you come see...
You have such a darling posting(:)Beautiful things you have...Patty


Magnifique, vraiment très beau. bravo.


Beata, everything looks so pretty! What a terrific party idea.


just found you through a link, your blog is lovely, so refreshing and your fairie party looks amazing, I would love one of those.


How lovely! You've definately given me e few ideas for my girls' next parties!

Rachael Rabbit

Will you arrange my next birthday party please?


Oh I just LOVE your fairy fete!!! When my daughter is old enough for her own fairy party (she's 9 mo now), you are more than welcome to come fairy it up :)


Whauw, that looks so wonderful fairy like!
Great pictures!

red tin heart

What a beautiful thing to do...
xoxo Nita

juicy fig

these are the party's kids remember for ever! the best accolade is when they re-meet freinds from primary school when they are at collage, bring them home, and the freind tells you how much they enjoyed the party you organised!

Lucky Nico!



Such happy happy photos!


beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. i love all the trimmings especially the aqua ric-rac. come on over and visit. i have added you to my blog roll, i hope you don't mind. have a happy weekend


What a beautiful party for a beautiful girl! My son also turned 6 on April 18th. What a great age 6 is!


woooooooooooooonderful! i felt in love sooo much with this amazing fairy pics! youre faye is so beautiful with all this flowers... stunning, lovely regards from germany, silke


what a beautiful party, I am sure that the girls and boys will remember it forever. i might have to steal some ideas for my little girl's party.


You and your family seem to really be living, and living creatively. Thank you for your inspiration to take delight in making events special. I am about to have a little boy... my first baby. I hope to give him inspired bdays as well as everyday experiences as you do for your children.

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