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April 04, 2008



Welcome home Beata!
Have missed you and your posts, but glad to hear you had a lovely holiday!
It must be nice knowing that spring and summer are on the way? Autumn and winter are on their way to us. It's much cooler here.. Brr.
Take care,


glad you had a great holiday! happy spring!

Du Buh Du Designs (Dolls)

It's always hard to get back to a routine when coming back from vacation. I'm itching to get in our garden far I've only been buying seeds. I haven't gone crazy buying plants..yet:)


It sounds like you had a great holiday! I guess feeling very wintery one place can make it feel even more like spring somewhere else!! Of course here in Scotland it's spring one minute and winter again the next! 66 degrees yesterday, 42 degrees tomorrow!! Sunshine today, snowing on Sunday!


I didn't know you were from Vancouver.. one of my favorite cities in the world... I spent my honeymoon at THe Blue Horizon hotel and then took the ferry to Victoria to walk through Butchart gardens.. heaven on earth. :)


i'm glad you are back! i can imagine how much fun you had away. it is always hard to get back into a routine! i can't to see my little doll! have a great weekend.


Woohoo! I am excited to get my baby in the mail and to see the goodies that you got as well!


Those are adorable!


I have just found your blog and it is definately a favourite of mine- ♥ the babushkas!
I actually went and read, from your very first entry, every post that you wrote!
I myself have just gotten into the whole crafting thing recently thanks to a
I eventully hope to have my own crafty blog but at the moment I haven't been doing that much craft. Look out for it in the future, I plan to call it, Miss Shivi

jessica daisy

Thank you so much for my beautiful Babushka, it arrived this morning in the UK. I love it so much I put it in a post on my blog this morning.


my beautiful Babushka arrived today in the U.S.A. she is lovely! thank you Beata!


Your Babushkas are adorable! Every detail is perfect. Admiration!


Mossy rose Babushka has just arrived here in Lancashire UK, She is so beautiful and she will soon be travelling a little further down into staffordshire to live with my neice, Sarah, who is 9 next Tuesday.
Thank you so much Beata.


Babushka Khaki Blue arrived safely in Salisbury, England today! She is more beautiful than I could've imagined and will have pride of place in my house which is home to a lot of Russian dolls!
Many thanks Beata and very best wishes to you, Sarah


I just got mine and they are BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much for the keychain. I hate to use it but I'm going to because I love it too much to just look at it. And I can't decide where oh where to put my matryushkas. They are done so well. The wool is so soft. They are perfect. Your workmanship is so great. They are going on my blog later today when I can figure out my camera problem!


Inspireing blog!
Maria from Sweden


Beata you ROCK!!!! Got my babushkas 2 days ago! Woohoo!!!! Thanks for the extra goodies as well. I would love to keep them all but that would be selfish of me. Unless you're planning on having a shop update pretty soon. Hehehe!!!


We are having so much fun with our Cherry Rose. She arrived safely and is already feeling at home with us. She is beautiful and so polite! She's getting ready for another photo shoot today...really loves the attention doesn't she !?
thank you xo


I am so sad I didn't find you earlier...I love those little dolls! Maybe I will snap one up next time?


My beautiful babushka arrived in Belgium.


I've got my babushka and she is so pretty. Even prettier in person than on screen! Thank you so much.


help.... can we order ??? (from Switzerland !!!)



La Baboushka Lavande est bien arrivée en France la semaine dernière, she's so sweety!!!

Tu me donnes envie de me mettre aux aiguilles mais en attendant je vais continuer à te rendre visite sur Rose hip et reprendre des cours d'anglais...




Hi ! I am very fond of these little dolls too and I have a lot of wooden ones at home . I think the ones you sew are gorgeous. But the way you call them disturbs me. I'm french but I speak russian fluently. Please, don't call this kind of doll "babushka"- "babushka" means "grand-mother" in russian, and they don't look like old grannies, are they ? Every doll is called a "matriochka", that's the proper word, and several of them are called "matriochki". It's very nice, isn't it ? Please could you nowadays use the right word ? I've found your blog today, I'm not sure that I understood : are you sending the dolls that you have made for a swap or do you sell them. If so, I'd like to buy one. Best wishes France


I beg your pardon, I have written the french words 'matriochka' and 'matriochki', I have just realized that the english words are different, something like "matriushka".
Sincerely yours
ps : I have not been speaking English for a very long time, I speak Russian better, forgive me my mistakes.

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