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April 23, 2008



Lovely colors. I especially love the photo with the children's books on the bed. Beautiful!


Look at what you HAVE accomplished! Looks very pretty. Cutey doll too.


Martine is so cool!!!
I love her but I'm always upset by her skirt (in the original version)! Is it me or it's way too short ;) Anyway, I love that patchwork. Beautiful.


It's so cool seeing the velvet floral cushions, because I have one of your green ones that has been prominent in our home ever since I bought it from Molly :)

Good luck with those projects!


very beautiful!
Doesn't it feel good to finish up something you started! Good for you! Now you can sigh a big sigh of relief! So pretty! I love the toss pillows as well!!!


What beautiful colors. And I love those pillows! Did you do those? They're so great!


It is hard work getting a doll right isn't it? I find it takes so much fiddling with the shape this way and that way. Good luck with yours.


Beata, I always find your choice of fabric and color so inspiring. You have a knack for puting pattern and color together that is so original and truly lovely! I love the pillows on the bed too.. They must be another unique Beata design!

I'm so glad that you liked the Angel dolls!


I agree with Tiffany, your color choices are fab! Good luck getting your items finished!


Maybe we should start a Crafters Anonymous group where we can help console each other over unfinished projects, ha.


You have the most amazing fabric! Where do you get it all? I think we creatively minded folk have this same problem. We get excited and start lots of projects! Good luck with the doll, she looks fabulous!


this all sounds like my life....a pile of things to do and only 24 hours to do them in...which leads to a neverending amount of started projects. i hope you can get all of the beautiful blankets done!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLA!!! I'm sure you had a wonderful party!


You always do such lovely things. The colors are always beautiful and the fabric so sweet.


Keep up the good work, Beata! Those cushions are so gorgeous. Did you make them?
Happy Birthday to Nicola! Am sure she will adore her doll!
Take care,


oh, the beautiful fabrics you use! What joy and delight to see what you are working on! I really cannot wait to see more of the doll you are doing. Have fun with your projects!

the homely year

Hi, love your patchwork, so pretty. And the dolly will be lovely in her oufits.
Margaret and Noreen


Hi Beata, Love your blog!...and your doll that you are working on!!..I cannot wait to see your progress! Looking forward to your next entry!...Heidi :)

Art Dolls by Du Buh Du Designs

Wow..when I see photos like that with beautiful colors it just makes me want to toss everything out of the house and start over with the colors scheme and items in my house..sigh..:)

lori marie

seriously LOVING your pillows:)



Do I dare ask if it's possible to purchase a coverlet?


oh, those squares are gorgeous all together! and i love those big flowers on the cushions.


so how is that doll project coming? and the quilts? i have been looking at buying a serger.......hummm we will see.


I'm eager to see how the doll and coverlets turn out :o) I know they will be beautiful. Don't feel bad for being've got a start, and that's important!! Hope things are going well :o)! xox Linnea


I enjoyed catching up with you again. The patchwork is just gorgeous, but I need to get my @ss in gear and try to start mine.


Gorgeous cushions. I'd love to applique felt flowers on to some pink velour heart shaped cushions I bought. But I just know they wouldn't last 5 minutes with the pussycat and his claws.
Lovely blog, I do so like finding new ones to browse ...


OMG - those books... I remember owning and reading those when I was a little girl. I think I still have the "Oui-Oui" in a box in the attic.... Loved those Martine books too!!! ahhh thanks for the trip down memory lane! Your quilt and quilt tops are lovely. Beautiful colours.


looks so lovely, did you made the cushions too?


What is it about getting some things finished? And, is it mostly duvet covers? I started one, ONE I tell you, in about 2001, and it sits in partially completed log cabin squares, with more strips to add, in my sewing wip's basket. Ack!


Lovely patchwork!
Maria from Sweden

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