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March 20, 2008



Hi Beata,
Congratulations on your grand opening!
Thanks for your patience with me yesterday too - I've bought a lot of items online, but I'd never used Esty before and was a little 'lost' with it.
My husband asked me what a Babushka is earlier. I said "Wait and see"...
I hope you and your family have a lovely break, and a very Happy Easter!
Happy Easter to all!
Take care,


i wasn't able to shop yesterday so i figured they would have all been scooped up by today...........but lucky me!!! she is so pretty. we will give her a happy home. thank you xo


Hi Beata:

How wonderful to have such a response to your lovely babushkas.

Perhaps you need to resize your pictures for quicker loading time? That may work.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

jen duncan

Hi Beata- I was SO HAPPY for you as I watched those little sweeties keep getting snapped up. I think I finally got #9...I had to get on with my day! LOL. It was certainly a long one for you. I've seen people's listings all show up at once on Etsy. If you write and ask they'll probably tell you how to do that (I can't figure it out myself). Anyway, congratulations! And no hurry on mailing mine, as I'm out of town all next week, too. Have fun!


I was so worried that I wouldn't get one.. I'm soo happy and excited! They are so darling and so beautifully made! I knew the shop would be a big success! Can't wait to see what you make next!

michelle fitzgerald

Hello! I am a fan, the little ladies are just beautiful. Wanted to tell you my friend Tif at posted you yesterday too. It is always nice to know when people are talking about ya--especially when it is nice!


Woohoo! I got to order a baby!!!

Happy Easter!!!!


Beata, you'll want the photos to be at a max of 72dpi resolution (that's all screens will read) and yes, you may also want to resize them. I'm still happy -- if we can both find the time -- to do a bit of training with you on these things if you'd like.

As for the dolls and success, I'm so thrilled for you!


Congratulations Beata!! i was out of town for your shop opening. it was pretty exciting to see so many sold right away. Great etsy start.


Well done. I missed it, but knew it would be a quick flight of babushkas. They really are stunning, I'll have to be more organised next time. Take care.


Just enjoy a wonderful Easter time - well deserved after these gorgeous babushkas! Even the thought of them is enough to keep us happy and smiling!

Wishing you lovely chocolatey days...


You deserved such a good reponse. They were lovley. I didn't buy one, I wasn't sure whether you shipped to NZ.


that was amazing. Congrats!


So glad your sale went well. But I'm a bit sad ~ I missed it by a few days! Oh well. Hope you make more.

Daisy Steiner

These are so cute. I shall be bookmarking your blog and looking forward to seeing some more and then buying a few.

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