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March 22, 2008



oh no! I was going to order a babushka doll today! I am hoping you will make some more, I am so in love with them!


Those are some CUTE bunny ears. I love the print insides. :p


Happy Easter wishes, Clarice


Happy easter Beata, love the ears!


Happy Easter!!!


I love the different fabrics that you use for your projects!Sal;-)


What cute little bunnies!


Oh! so cute bunnies!
Your blog is fantastic!


Your bunnies are so sweet; I love their colors. What a fun thing to do!

natasha s

What sweet bunnies,lovely colors.
Congrats on selling out of your babuskas,I am not surprised,they were beautiful.
I just opened a little shop,it is quite nerve wracking.
Hop on over to my blog and leave a comment to be entered in the pant giveaway to celebrate me opening my shop.The giveaway includes the new Heather Ross rosy posy line!!
Hope that you had a great easter.

Rachael Rabbit

oooooooooooooooooohhhhh LOVE bunny ears!


Bunnies aren't just for easter, they are for all year round!


Those ears look fantastic all lined up together! Hope you had a happy Easter. - Jen


Happy Easter to you as well!!!! Again congratulations on the amazing sale. I will have to try the bunny cozy pattern!!!


Hope your Easter was lovely. Be sure to post the bunnies on your blog once they are finished. By the way I am looking for top tips for cheating at good mothering. Don't you have four kids? Okay you may be able to help.


I love those ears!

I can't wait to get my baby!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!


Congratulations on selling all the babushka's. i was disappointed to miss one so will try another time Beata, best wishes Kat in England

carol Eldridge

Please let me know when you make more of the babushkas as I would like to have one! Have posted your sight in my blog bookmarks...please stop by to see me soon,


Barbara Brown

hi i just came accross your blog for the first time, i will be adding you to my reading list. i love your work it is very lovely. would love to see the finished bunnies.

Du Buh Du Designs (Dolls)

Happy Belated Easter! Cant wait to see these Spring Bunnies:)


My, what sweet little things you make! Your blog is absolute eye candy!

jenny holiday

What a fabbbulous photo!! Love the colors and patterns!! So sweet!!

Love your blog!
xoxo Jenny Holiday

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