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March 18, 2008



I hope you are feeling better now. Can´t wait to snoop one of those cuties for my nursery. Will keep on the guard for your etsy shop to open.

natasha s

Good luck,isn't it exciting????
I am opening mine on monday and as exciting as it is,it is just as nerve wracking!
your dolls are lovely,the blanket stitch adds that special something.
feel well,I am right there with you on the single parenting (busy busy hubby) whilst sick.It totally sucks!


Elles sont magnifiques ces babushka, sincèrement les plus jolies que je n'ai jamais vus!


Thanks for letting me know. I'm so thrilled. :)


Setting my alarm right now!


I'm so glad you're recovering from being sick. It's not a fun thing at all.

Your babushkas are adorable!


great! i hope you and the kids are all better. that odes sound like an awful week! i hope you had a bit of help!


Hope you are all feeling better....NOT FUN! I can totally relate. The dolls are sooo fantastic!


good luck Beata! Glad you are all feeling better.


I stop to tell you Hi, and immediately spotted your babushka-matreshkas’! They are so delightful! They make me smile, partly because they are so cute, and partly because I am so Russian.

jen duncan

Looks like you're selling them as fast as you can list them! YAY! So happy for you...

Du Buh Du Designs (Dolls)

WOW! Those went quick..thats what we get for checking out your blog too late. Congrats! They're really cute, especially the grey one in front!
Happy Easter..enjoy your week off :)

happy zombie

Ack... your shop is empty! Please tell me you saved me one!


Wow--that went fast--I was too late to see all of them :( I'll keep checking back for more! They're beautiful!


wow!!! these went like candy!!! man o man! i'm glad i got home in time to snatch the last little brunette! loevly work...can't wait for her to get here!


Hi Beata! congrats on a successful etsy grand opening! I burned up the road today to get home just in time to snatch up one of the last ones! Whew! I'm glad to hear that everyone is on the mend. Have a good trip! xo, suzy


hi there, I have just stumbled upon your beautiful a find, will be back often!!!


OMG!!! I can't seem to stop. They're all too cute!!!!


LOL Doe! I've been sitting in front of my computer for 5 hours now watching them appear one at a time. My husband thinks I've gone crazy - maybe I have! :-)

Carolyne Carrick

Beata~Thank You....thank you....thankyou.....*thank You* so many ways....
little "Gypsy" now has a new home!
Safe travels and return while we dream of more babushkas.


holy canoli! this is what i call a GRAND OPENING!!! wow!


I am sure you will do very well. Good luck

Sarah (Mairzey Dotes)

Absolutely beautiful! Congrats!!


They are fantastic looking Beata! They are simply going to flie out the door. Congratulation with your Etsy! I am so happy for you, and I am shure it will be a huge success.

I want to wish you a safe and nice trip and do enjoy the Easter with lots of love and cosyness!

A big Easterhug from Aina over the big ocean :))



I hope you all stay well!


Beata, congratulations! I see they're almost all gone now. You're such a star!


beautifully done! I love the details :)


oh these look so good. You are really on to a good thing here. love them!!


Hi - will you have more of these babushkas to sell or am I too late? I just found your site - thank you!

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