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February 12, 2008



Gorgeous colors!!!


Gorgeous, gorgeous quilt!!!! Just love it.
The chenille backing a wonderful cosy would that be?
Your fabrics are very special ( I love all of the little close up snaps). This little quilt will give someone many years of pleasure.


I've been toying with the idea to back a quilt that I'm working on in chenille. Did you still quilt it? It looks like you may have stitched in the ditch. But it's a bit diffcult to tell from the photos. Love the mix of vintage cottons. I can only imagine how soft this quilt would be with all the lovely textures.


The quilt is totally beautiful. Thanks for sharing those beautiful close-up shots of the fabrics. I can look all day at pretty photos of fabrics. I think the baby girl is going to love her snuggly new quilt.


I really like that quilt!! The colors are wonderful. Great job.
God bless.


I do love that little babushka. ;)

Love that chenille backing...I have an impending niece that I am making a special blanket for, and I think chenille is just the way to go!


It is so beautiful. It is super cute but not too "baby" looking. A perfect project! And the vintage fabric is ... I'm speechless! Too pretty ;)


so beautiful! that quilt is a dream.


So Sweet! I love that aqua trim. Was the corduroy tricky to work with?

Personally, I could look at fabric closeups forever. And I think all of your fellow fabric-junkie fans feel the same :)


Love the quilt! And, it's fun to see the Babushkas in their new homes. The Internet is amazing :-)

That little quilt is just adorable. I love you fabric combos -- wonderful ideas!


I really love the quilt! girly color & nice combination.


Yes, yes, and OMG! YEESSSSSSS!!!!!! I LOVE this baby quilt. The colors are fabulous and the backing is cozy comfy! Lucky baby!


Your quilt is just lovely....I have never thought of doing a binding in cord......but I'll keep it in mind....and yummy chenille onm the wonderful!!!!


I love the quilt and I think I may have seen a few of those vintage sheets in my own home :)


Hi Beata, Thankyou thankyou thankyou my beautiful babushka doll arrived today I love her. Cheers Christine


Your quilt is so beautiful. I´m working at a grandmother´s flowergarden and it´s so much fun to see the flowers growing.
I love to read your colorful blog.
xxx Claudia


The quilt is stunning, really wonderful. Some wee babe will have a good start being all cosied up in that. Fantastic photos. Happy Valentine's Day!


Beautiful quilt! You have inspired me! I found your blog a few months ago when I was searching for crochet flower ideas. I love your photos and you have such a great eye for color! Your photos have been a bright spot in a long, dreary winter. Thank you!


Beautiful quilt. I love the back. It will be so soft and cushy. Love it.

I'm still waiting for more dolls to be put in your etsy store! Still waiting . . (see impaitient foot tapping here) :-)

the homely year

That's such a beautiful quilt. One day I'll finish the quilt I'm making. Like you I love pretty favbrics, especially vintage ones.
Margaret and Noreen


That blankie is just the sweetest thing ever! I adore it!


oh so beautiful. I want to lie down on it myself and chew my toes!!


I love your QUILT! Such pretty fabrics and such a cozy backing fabric.

Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted


The quilt is gorgeous and I really like your babushka's and your blog is lovely.


that is unbelievably sweet!! what a lucky baby (and mama) to be receiving such a gift!!


Sooo very cuuuuute and looks sooo comfy !


Beata, I've got a babushka shot I've been holding off on posting until you get your Etsy store in order. So let me know when it's up and I'll post it with a link!



Your quilt is all the vintage fabrics. Truly dreamy!!!


You quilt is absolutely stunning...and I definitely don't mind staring longingly at the yummy assortment of fabrics! Vintage sheets and what-you-can-finds go straight to my heart. Great work!


You quilt is absolutely stunning...and I definitely don't mind staring longingly at the yummy assortment of fabrics! Vintage sheets and what-you-can-finds go straight to my heart. Great work!

louise and rozan

Rozan and I just loved your the colours you chose-the turquoises, pinks and greens, and the beautiful selection of designs on the fabrics. And we also just love the simplicity of the blocks! It is so inspiring!!!


Aw! You are a fabric geek just like me! I am feeling very close to you at this moment;) hehe. Beautiful quilt, will be bookmarking your blog so I can keep up with what you are making!

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