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February 01, 2008



Okay, i have to start making a blanket! It just looks really funky and bright. Do you do it by machine. Perhaps you have talked about this before and I have missed all that. I have the Caroline Zoob book which shows me how to do a quilt (and i think I could miss out some of the more advanced stuff for my first go). You are right, that retro print is fab, I see bed sheets in charity shops with the yellow/brown pattern, but that weave is better. We had a yellow brown throw in the same weave when we were kids. I remember it at our caravan in Donegal. Remember to show us the blankets when they are finished.


I can understand you liking the vintage fabric. It is so cheery! Happy weekend and crafting to you!


It's so heartbreaking when something you love is out of production :( Hope you find a new stash of it somewhere soon!


Your fabric choices are really lovely. But it is the ticking with roses I just adore! Is it vintage or new?

and a beautiful blog you have here, btw,

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy


I could just stare at that picture all day! So pretty. Thanks for sharing!


lovely vintage fabric, I remember my mum making me summer dresses in that sort of fabric, oh dear, does that make me vintage! These babushkas are multipling, the one that you sent to me is over on my blog.


Lucky, what you won is very nice! Your little quilted blanket is so sweet. I can't wait to see the finished product.


Following on with the Babushka theme, I have just found this Flickr group


I love your little quilted blanket, it is just beautiful and the workmanship is amazing.


I love your little quilted blanket, it is just beautiful and the workmanship is amazing.


You are so lucky that babushka is darling.

I have a little piece of that same fabric. Its darling.


Hi Beata!
Thanks for buying one of my dolls today.I saw the link to your blog via your almost opened shop. Your site is beautiful!! If these are things you're going to be selling, you'll quite well! I'm adding your link to my blog so I can see when your Etsy shop is opening and what you're working on :)

queen of tarte

What a darling little know if you use the old things you love in what you make or sell, more will come your way. could always e-mail a swatch to Amy Butler and see if she could add it to her next fabric line!!!


Oh you lucky lady!! I hope you find a similar fabric it is gorgeous!!


oooooo I really love those fabrics together.


Gosh, that green floral reminds me of an apron my mother wore. Can't wait to see the finished blanket.
Take care,

the homely year

Hi, love the quilt you're making. What a shame you can't get the fabric...the colours of it are lovely. I'm always on the look out for vintage fabrics for sewing projects. I've got one with roses on that I'm going to use to make a bag for the summer.
Margaret and Noreen


I just wanted to ask your permission to add you to my favorite blogs list. I think your blog is a cozy little space...sorry I didn't just e-mail but I don't have the computer software setup to connect me your e-mail.
Best Wishes-


I can't wait to see more of the quilt. It looks so sweet and pretty.




Can't wait to see the rest! It's gorgeous!


As always, you are amazing! Love that adorable baby quilt.

Congrats, you lucky lady!

Facile Cécile


Facile Cécile



Everything is splendid!


Dear Rose Hip, take a look at my blog, there is waiting a little surprise...


lovely print, I spy it in the patchwork in your blog header too! Its si sad when you run out of a treasured fabric isnt it, but at the same time nice to use it.

tracy x

i am creeping back shamefaced....
i forgot about the fawn :(
sorry, sorry, sorry - let me know if you still need a little fawn in your home - perhaps we could arrange a fun swap?
speak soon
t x
p.s - LOVE that fabric too x


Baby blankets are the sweetest things and yours looks so lovely. What a great prize package you won; it's so perfect for you!


My parents used to have a sheet set of that. Ah, the memories. Forget smell-memory, I think I have fabric-memory.

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