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February 21, 2008



Love seeing all of your Babushka WIPs...gorgeous colours!!! My, you have been busy.


Such sweet piles of felt and fabric! I can hardly wait to see the girls when you're done :)


oh my god, what a lovely bunch !!


Oh my goodness! They're gorgeous. You're amazing. What an incredible amount of skill and patience you have.


They are gorgeous, I can´t wait to order one of those cuties for mu nursery. So far, I have collected three of these precious dolls.
What wonderful work.

Catherine/miss poulette

Bonjour à toi!
Elles sont magnifiques!! quel travail!! je cherche le patron alors si tu peux me dire où le trouver! Merci beaucoup, à bientôt!
Cathy/miss poulette


You have been a very busy girl. They are so charming. Clarice


how beautiful!! you are so talented...i check daily for your etsy store opening :)

x laura


Wow, you are very efficient! They are gorgeous. I think that I will order one...for spring! To celebrate the fact that I won't see snow for a few months!

happy zombie

Seeing those pics is making it harder and harder for me to sit in line waiting for your shop to open! And the line is getting so long too!


these are so sweet! you are going to sell out of these super fast!

fée un voeu

Je suis impatiente d'en commander une !!!


Absolutely beautiful.


Wow - 75?!


WooHoo, you are really doing an awesome job! They look so beautiful, I can't wait to see the finished product!


Gorgeous! I'm looking forward to see the dolls in your shop. Have a nice weekend.



They are absolutely cute.. i 'd like ordered one .
Just could you told me how can i do to make an order ?


I hope these are for your etsy shop! xo, suzy


OooooH How lovely an army full of Babushka softie goodness!!!I am sure they will sell super duper quickly:)


I hope you'll be thinking of selling some through the blog. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. I appreciate your comment re the fabric purchase. Used 2 small triangles so far on the old quilt. Kids bedtime here so I'm not supposed to be on, so I'd better go!


Yummy, I can't wait.


They look utterly charming! Hope you'll let me know when they are ready for new homes!


Oh my goodness...these are darling. I can't wait to see the final final.


OMG! These dolls are absolutely adorable. That's it! I'm placing my order right now in case I miss the grand opening and you won't have anything left for me to purchase. I want 3. Wait, make that 5. No, I want the whole thing. I shouldn't be selfish! Ok, I'll take 3 dolls, please.

Beata, you ROCK!!!!


Oh my - how much gorgeousness in one post!
Can't wait for your Etsy shop to open.


Hi Beata!
Oh wow!! 75 of them?? Gosh, you are really effective!! The are all just incredible gorgeous. Do you make a Scandinavian coloured one too? ;) joking...

I am working sooo slowly these days.. trying to do so much at the same time. But, in the end, I hope everything will be finnished. My study, my work, my needlework and also our house before we are moving to Norway.
So how are you these days? Very occupied with your creative work I would guess. How`s the weather over there? Here we have stormy days and lots of rain, but the spring is nearby.

Take good care and see you soon!


Wonderful colors. Can't wait to see them all finished. Just found your blog today. :)



Do you have a website where you sell your work?

Thank you,


Je ne comprends pas l'anglais, mais les images sont explicitent
C'est magnifiques!! Du joli travail!!
Merci à vous


Wow! They're beautiful!


OK. How in the world have I never seen your blog until now? I love it and I am so sorry I have not found it til now! YAY! Off to browse.....

Zelia Evora

oh my, there are a lot of them, let use see them when they are finished:)


Wow, that's a lot of dolls but the fabrics are so very pretty.


Hi! I'm anxiously waiting for these dolls to arrive at your etsy shop! hope it's soon...I want one for my daughter, one for me, one for my mom...the list goes on and on..

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