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January 13, 2008



I am so excited for you that you are going to open up an Etsy shop! You are incredibly talented and I predict you are going to have a hard time sewing fast enough to keep up with the demand! Wishing you huge success!


Oh my LORD!!!! Holy moly, I won!!! Woot woot! :D :D

THANK YOU!!!!! :dancedancedance: :D


I can't wait for your shop to open... I'm in a matryoshka frenzy right now ;))


Yipeeeee I've won a babushka, thank you, I am sooo pleased, can't wait to meet her, and that is brillant news about your esty shop too! hooray!!


yay!!!!!! thank you!


hey, i just noticed something- that fabric around the face of the first one in the picture is one of the fabrics in the quilt I am making!


I love, love , love them!! And I am so happy to hear that you are opening a shop very soon, joepie!!!

Kiss, Aina


can't wait to come visit your etsy shop. those little dolls are so precious....we need one here at our home.
'see you soon'


Take a look in my little world Beata!


laura f.

yay... i can't wait to shop in your etsy store!!

xo laura


That Etsy shop is such a good idea. You will have a lot of success!


You realy make so fantastic things !


WOW!!! I've never won a drawing before... let alone for SUCH a beautiful thing!!! Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!


I really like your work, it looks so delicate and beautiful. :)


I can't believe I won. I never win! Yipee!!!!


Youpi !!! Une de ces fabuleuses babouchka sera bientôt à la maison, j'en prendrais le plus grand soin !!!
Merci, merci, thank you, thank you !


oh, i am so excited about your shop! i will be buying one of these!(if they are any there) can't wait to see everything!


such lovely little ladies standing in a row!


Yeah!! A Rose Hip Etsy shop! I will be a very good customer, promise! xo, suzy


Boo Hooo!
I was checking every day just in case!!!
Oh well, hope you make loads of them as I think the shop is definitely going to be busy!
Congrats to the lucky winners, they are simply stunning little babushkas.


I love your photo of the dolls and what lovely gifts for your recipients. Congratulations to all!


can't wait to see your shop!


Hello sooo cute thy were. haven't you anyone to sell to my.

Niesz Vintage Home

Congrats to the winners!
Sorry I missed the give-away, they are completely adorable!

Kimberly :)


Only now I see your blog! Six very good things you full of good taste and refinement if you were in my city verrei always in your shop? How do you? Compliments you come to find hello mary (I am Italian and excuse my English!)

Lindz (Yankee Girl Designs)

Eeeek! I can't wait until your shop is opened :)


Yea me. I finally won something and it is one of your adorable dolls. Thank you so much!!!


These are so pretty. I just love them.


Lovely, lovely babushkas!! Simply adorable :O)


I just found your blog from following it, and these adorable doll ornaments! So many pretty things here!


can't wait to shop at your etsy-shop ;-)


Congrats to all of the winners, and good luck with your shop.


congrats to all the winners!!

rhonda jean

Congratulations to all the lucky winners. What a beautiful thing to have in your lives. Good luck with your shop Beata.

Catherine (Nonnie's little sister)

I absolutely love your work. The dolls are amazing.Can't wait to buy one!!! Like you, in all the pre Christmas madness I didn't even have a minute to look at blogs properly and leave comments, so felt I now must, finally. As a fellow textile designer, I find it so inspirational to read all these wonderful blogs. To think I shunned the computer a few yeas ago!!! It inspires me to hear of someone so busy with a large family who manages to juggle work and family. I only have one little one of my own at the moment {hopefully another soon!}, and I look after a couple of children, a few hours a week, and it can feel like a struggle to get into my studio. Keep creating so we can all enjoy your beautiful work.
Much love, Catherine.


love your babushkas. and your words. about the great community of women all over the world.
good luck with your new etsy shop!
greetings from europe


Hi there!

I discovered your delightful blog through another blog and LOVE your Babushka dolls! Can't wait to buy some from your Etsy shop!

A big yay for you.

Dot (from Australia)


P.S You are a very generous lady to give away 12 of your precious dolls. I know you are going to be VERY successful.

natasha s

I cannot wait to see your shop.These are going to make great gifts for the babes that are due this year.As the PP said,it was very generous of you and I am sure that you are going to be very busy with all of the orders:0)

Cotton Picker

I just found your blog through HoolahTallulah. Your dolls are outstanding. Looks like I will have to buy one when you open up shop.


As soon as the Etsy shop is open. I want to know. I have been dreaming of one of these little dolls.


wow lovely dolls.


Those ladies are so beautiful! Lynne was so lucky to win one!


Hallo, I've just found your blog today and just wanted to say *hallo*!
Congratulations to all the winners, those little cuties are so adorable.
Love Alison x

Freda's Hive

Ok, I am so mad at myself for not entering this. The dolls are adorable. I want one! I have been wanting to make a tea cozy like them. And I haven't been able to figure out exact dimentions yet. I posted this on my blog last month as a must do item

I love your dolls and I want one and I want to make a tea cozy. Anyway would you put one up on etsy for me when you get them made and any suggestions about making a tea cozy would be helpful. Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

jen duncan

These are S0 darling and WONDERFUL! They should totally be on the front page of etsy right now...there's all babushka's at the moment, but none nearly as cute as these!!


Dear Beata,
I am very lucky to found your blog. Your workings are soooo wonderful. I love the babushkas. Will you petray me, how you make the face. Do you paint it? I want to try to make a babushka for our home.

Beata, I wish you all the best for your shop and hope to hear from you.

Greetings from germany and have a nice day,


So cute ! As a fan of the babouchka part of my inspiration for spirng collection !) I just can be found of them !

happy zombie

Sigh... you make the cutest babushkas ever. EVER! Kicking myself for missing your contest!!!

happy zombie

PS... I'm camping out, waiting for your etsy shop to open. I've got my beach chair, a thermos of coffee and a warm quilt to keep me warm while I wait. But I will have to pee at some point, so please hurry and open!

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