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January 24, 2008



They are delightful! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face :-)


Your pair is adorable, but I agree three would be so much better!!


so so cute... going to go check out the site. Your close up shots are so good.


So cute! I have similar owls on the to-do-list. I found the pattern in a thirty year old book I had forgot all about!You can see one here
Have a great weekend.


so darling! love the colors!


Oh they are lovely, with their sleepy big eyes! Glad to see you around again, I had been checking regularly...stared my blog too, you are welcome to call over!

lori marie

oh beata! they look wonderful:) you are so sweet for such a lovley post about my pretties. now i better go get my butt in the sewing room to whip up some more:)



lovely owl.


adorable! another inspiring blog! thanks for sharing!


those are so sweet! and i love her tag.


They sure are the sweetest pair. Thanks for sharing!

Anne Marie

You are right: they are a hoot. Super cute!


Wow, the colors are really magical and so precious with their big eyes! Have you visited Hop Skip Jump? Very cute playthings there too:


These are beautiful! I have a friend who loves owls. Am going to check out this etsy shop - right now :)


Those owls made me smile - or grin rather. They are so cute, the fabrics are very well chosen. Lovely colours. Real characters they are.


darling! love them! Can't wait to see the offerings in your new shop! I keep checking back.. :)


Wonderful owls! Not only do you make the most gorgeous things yourself but you find them too!


These are just adorable. What a great project. You did a beautiful job!


I love the details on the owls, especially the little label.

trend insights

love it! so adorable!!!!

Mary Ellen

Sweet owls! Also... Is the "Meg" book the owls are resting on from a mystery series? If it's the one I'm thinking of, she had a siamese cat. (And the requisite dead mother that all girl sleuths seem to have) I loved those books!


So beautiful... Like the things you do on ths blog...
I'll come back, for sure...


sso so cute !!!!


Hello! I had just discover your blog and I thought it is really wonderful ;-)) I'll come back!

(Excuse my poor English, I'm french!!)


Sonia M.

Uau...nice :)


All my congratulations ! ... so many cute things you sew... I'll be back for sure ! have a nice week-end !

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