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December 10, 2007



I just send you an e-mail Beata.

You really desereve every positive word. I think we all are amazed how talented you are. Just let it sink in and enjoy!
I am glad you are continuing blogging!

Again, THANK YOU!!!



oh beata, you must!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do all of the things you just said, another giveaway keep posting, on line shop, all of it. i know you are a busy woman though! i enjoy your blog so much and i look forward to each and every entry. you are such a talented and creative woman, your online shop would sell out so quickly!
I am glad you had fun with this... I am doing one over at my blog, if you get a chance, stop by!
Congratulations to the winners.. I am very jealous, but congrats!


I am glad you are feeling the blog love!!!

Congrats to Doe, Aina and Suzy!


Oh Beata!! I am so excited!! I have never won a blog giveaway, but yours is the best!! I love all those totes! You are Sooooo generous! Congrats again on the anniversary and I always look forward to each and every one of your posts! xo, suzy


I whole-heartedly agree about the online shop. Your creations are just too cute!


Oh congratulations to the winners and I'm so jealous they will receive one of your lovely totes, they are all so beautiful!

Keep up the blogging and yes, open a shop!!


OMG, I'm one of the winners!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your generosity! I had to pinch myself several times as I re-read the list of names. Right now I'm jumping like a crazed lunatic and about peed in my pants! But I don't care because I'm going to have my very own Rosehip's creation! Yipeee!!!

Hopefully, I'm going to own several more as I look forward to visiting your future online shop.

Beata, you ROCK!!!!! Many thanks to your little ones as well.

Congratulations to Suzy and Aina!

mary jane

Naturally I'm late to the party. Congratulations to you, talented one, and all the lucky winners. Carry On!

Cece Marie

Oh yes, please do set up a shop! I want to buy your creations! Even if you just have a alternate blog for shopping, like Posy. Just a idea. Easier that way. I have a website and it is a bit of a pain in the behind maintaining it. But please do sell your goodies!
Your Future Customer, Cece


Hi! Just discovered your blog today. So pretty! (I came via tsk tsk) Happy anniversary!


Congrats to the fun! Lovely bags! Wish I was a winner, too. :)) Everything here is truly gorgeous.


I have been checking and checking. Alas I didn't win. But you are going to open shop! That is wonderful! Your homemade things are just so lovely and I am certain that you will sell everything you can crank out! I wish you a joyous holiday! I have you on my blogroll and wait eagerly to see what you will make next!


I wish you continued joy in all you do for your second year!

the homely year

Congratulations and keep on blogging so we can see what you make.
Margaret and Noreen at THY


OH my goodness - those bags are just TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! I havent stopped by for too long to only be seeing these now!! I LOVE THEM!!! I am so glad that the cupcakes on our blog inspired you!! Just a bugger I missed getting my name in the hat. Merry Christmas!!! =)


Hi there. I just happened upon your blog from The Wooden Spool & I just had to tell you how much I love your work!!! Those bags are incredible! I'll be back to visit often. Such wonderful eye candy.

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Congratualtions to the winners! I hope if you open your shop you will carry these lovely little dolls.

Hugs! Nancy

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