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November 26, 2007



Happy anniversary, I love all of the bags it is hard to choose a favourite when they all look so delicious, I think sweet cherub, rosy berry and fairy berry.



I love every and all of them! Any colour would be scrumptious and I would carry my bag proudly around the streets of Vancouver if I won one! Your blog is the best discovery I've made this fall!


How absolutely delectable...I honestly love them all! Happy Blog Anniversary and thank YOU for such a wonderful inspiring, artfilled blog that we all adore!!!
If I had to pick:
Pretty in Pink
Sweet Cherub
Minty Blues

Cheers to you!


Happy Anniversary!! Your cupcakes are adorable. I love the fairy berry. The pretty in pink and rosy berry are gorgeous too.

Heather B

Happy Blog Anniversary! I've just started reading your blog recently - it is so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you! Wishing you another joyous year in blogland.


happy blog bithday, beata! love your cupcakes!!
yes, and it is wonderful to meet you here at your great and amazing blog!


I just love these little cupcakes. What a great idea. The pictures are really great too. Yummy!

Cece Marie

I gasped with delight when I first saw your cupcake totes and I immediately told myself, "I NEED to buy one!" So, than I read your post and, oh my goodness! You are giving them away! Well, aren't you just as sweet as your cupcakes! Please please count me in! Do you ever sell any of your delightful creations online? I know they would sell like hot cakes! I know I would buy them!
I love all of your cupcake totes but especially
1. pretty in pink
2. snowball
3. lemon grass
4. sweet cherub
5. and minty blues
Goodness me, (this is not a bribe! Just a sign of my appreciation!) if I was to win I would love to reciprocate by sending you one of my handmade aprons from!)
I've been a visitor to your blog for awhile and I just LOVE IT! May I add you to my blog list on my blog?
Happy Holidays!

april s

oh dear, this is sugary sweet overload. I would be so very happy to take any one of them home, I so need a bakers dozen! I love everything you create!


Happy Blogiversary to you! Seriously though. You want us to pick?! Eeck! I can't. My heart is beating faster and faster as I scrolled down! Each one is perfect. That means I'd take any *leftovers*. Somebody has to take the last cupcake. Ahem. Thanks so much for sharing all your goodness with all of us out here. :)


wowee! i've been making grocery totes this last month as little presents but yours just blow me away. like almost everyone is saying--if i won (please please please :-) it doesn't matter in the slightest because they're all gorgeous. i like pink but it truly doesn't matter! congratulations on your 1st year blogging--i've so enjoyed reading it.


Oh my god! I came home with cupcakes on my mind and see all these amazing cupcakes on your site! They are GORGEOUS and much too delicious to eat. Do we get to learn where you find your beatiful wool fabrics for the tote bags? They are so beautiful! I know these will sell like hotcakes at your next farmer's market!

Trudy McLauchlan

Happy Blog Anniversary!! Your cupcake totes are gorgeous, and I so enjoy reading your blog!! My favourite is Snowball, but they're all stunning. Pick me, pick me!!


Oh, Snowball and Sweet Cherub are my absolute favorites but all of them are just delicious! I love the tweed and whimsical cupcake combo-it's so unexpected!


Joyeux 1er anniversaire Beata!!!
I always have such a wonderful time going through your pages and amazing photos. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with all of us.
I melt for rosy berry and you have me craving some sweet now :-)
I can't wait to see your next creations!!!


OOHHHHHH Beata these are beautiful bags. You are a generous talented crafter! Tres jolie!!
My pics are:
1. Minty Blues
2. Snow Ball
3. Lemon Drop
4. Fairy Berry


Wow! These are all soooo scrumptious! I will take one of those cupcakes any day! Your blog is so inspiring and amazing. I would love to meet you next time we come to Vancouver! :) Congratulations on your blog anniversary! Loving everything over here!


Oh my goodness, I love them all! They are so CUTE! My fav's are snowball and lemondrop, but they are all so adorable! :)


I am totally blown away Beata, AMAZING!!!
I am so impressed by your precise and first class work!! You are truly my inspiration!! I have been looking very carefully how you have done the stiches, the choice of fabric (love the textures!), the colours of the treads, everything fits perfect together!! And oh my, the quality of the pictures are also very good. Do you take them yourself?

I am so in love with your felted projects, the houses, the flowers and now the cupcakes :)) Thank you , thank you, thank you Beata!!
Kiss, Aina


OH, i forgot, Happy Blog Anniversary!!



Wow! They are all so lovely! I have been reading your Blog all year and have never felt like my words could compare to your beautiful creations! This is my first post. I can't pick a favourite - each and every one is scrumptious! Pretty in Pink, Fairy Berry and Rosy Berry (maybe 'cos Rosy is my daughter's name?) are definite contenders for most scrumptious of all though!


SO beautful Beata. Really. I'm a brown, reddy, greeny, yellowy girl... and YOU are very talented. Good surprise!


How can one even pick a favorite...they are all delightful..."pretty in pink" and "rosy berry" caught my eye. So scrumptious. A big happy congrats on the blogiversary!


so great! you are such an inspiration! to my ever growing beata bag collection, i'd like to add the lemon drop or minty blues. cupcakes are my absolute favourite! :-)


Love all your bags, they are gorgeous! I especially like fairy berry, rosy berry and sweet cherub!!


Gosh!!!! I love them all! If I have to pick I must pick Rosy berry or Fairy Berry!!!


They are all beautiful! My favorites are snow ball, minty blues and fairy berry! Happy Anniversary!

Helle Greer

Just found your blog today and WOW am I glad I did. LOVE your style, and your bags are just FaBulOuS!!!
I would love to take part in the drawing, and they are all soooo pretty, but if I had to pick ;-) it would be, Sweet cherub, fairy berry, rosy berry.


Why oh why did you make them all gorgeous? It is way too hard to choose?!! But we choose we must, so my favs would be Fairy Berry, Rosy Berry and Sweet Cherub. Wonderful job, and such a kind heart to give them away!

Daisy Cottage

They are ALL so adorable - just precious!
Happy Anniversary - your blog is just pure eye candy delight!



Happy Blogiversary! I'd be absolutely delighted to enjoy the last cupcake. Somebody has to have the last one. :) Each one is just perfect. Thanks for sharing your goodies with us. That is so dang sweet of you!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Ack!! Those are sew cute!! I wish I had though of that first! ;o) Love them and your blog. I have ever since I first found it! I won't pick one because I love absolutely every one. Happy Blogaversary!


I love all your tweeds they are so well colour co-ordinated with the cup cakes.
I especially like "fairy berry" and "misty blues" Lovely blog! Just found you today.
I am more of a blog ears than a blogger.




Happy belated blogiversary!!! I'm drooling bucket loads here! Just mouth watering creations. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!
Rosy berry is on top of my list, right up there with fairy berry and pretty pink! I love them all!!!

Tanya Whelan

Am I too late? Oh boy I hope not, they are the sweetest!!!!!

Outi from White Country

Sweet little bags! Happy blogoversary, I've enjoyed your blog a great deal. Please count me in!


So adorable! i love them all. Happy blog-versary. I've enjoyed reading about your creative pursuits.


Oh my, how delicious do those totes look! I would love to win Rosy Berry, Fairy Berry or Sweet Cherub. Happy First Blog Birthday to you.
Janelle xx


A cupcake in any flavour would make my day! Beautiful work, looking forward to making your blog a regular haunt! sending smile's your way.


your bags are simply delectable!


they are so sweet - i could weep!
the best (in my eyes ) is fairy berry - but who could choose!!!
lovely things as always x
speak soon regarding the fawn
tracy x


I love them all - they are soooo gorgeous. If I don't win one please can I buy one? Please let me know how much and how to go about it.
Cathy XX


Ninety three comments? Where have I been? I missed the deadline. Will you allow me to use some of your photograhs? I've been meaning to do a post about your creations. (And no, I'm not doing it for the prize, only because I truly am a fan.)


Wow! The design is adorable, the color selections are delicious, but the hardest part for me was figuring out which lining I liked best! Just too hard to choose, but maybe minty blues, fairy berry, and sweet cherub to start. I'm another first time blog-commenter, thanks for the chance in the draw.


Wow! The design is adorable, the color selections are delicious, but the hardest part for me was figuring out which lining I liked best! Just too hard to choose, but maybe minty blues, fairy berry, and sweet cherub to start. I'm another first time blog-commenter, thanks for the chance in the draw.

Envol de papillons

Happy Birthday !!! It's so late for me ... but I wanted to wish your blog beautiful things, and another year with a lot of attractive realizations !!!!


Oh I'm too late! But just wanted to say congratulations on the blogiversary anyway and that the totes are all absolutely gorgeous.

Lone from Denmark

it's too late for me to enter the draw, but I will leave a comment anyway. The bags are absolutely gorgeous. Which one is the most beautiful? I really don't know - I feel like a child in a candystore. The "sweet cherub" I guess - maybe because of the name. See I am a vicar - hard working these days to prepare everything for christmas.
Beautiful work you have been doing, you a blessed with a creative mind.


Happy Blog Birthday. Your cupcakes are FAB!

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