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November 26, 2007



Absolutely, entirely, unspeakably darling. How on earth am I going to pick a favorite. It will take hours. Happy Blog Birthday! We should be sending you a beautiful present, as a thank you for gracing the world with your beautiful blog.

Okay. If I must have a favorite, it's Snowball. I'm afraid I am a sucker for polka dots. But Sweet Cherub and Bubble gum are pretty much tied for my 2 nd favorites.


I have a craving for rosy berry, myself! These are precious!!! I hope to win one!

karen tsui

Beata, I haven't posted a comment may refer to me as a closet blogger reader!! I frequently read your blog and it SO inspires me how you capture beauty in all the simple pleasure of life (e.g., your photos and your lovely craftmanship). I'm in awe how you find time to do all that you do (i.e., with 4 daugthers too!!). I work part-time and have a 3 year old daugther at home and wonder how you and others manage to do all that you do...Because of your anniversary and the tantilizing give-away, I couldn't resisit to, in doing so...I must say my favorite is "pretty in pink", followed by "sweet cerub" and then "rosey berry". HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...& MORE MANY MORE TO COME!


happy blogiversary, I love the rosy berry cupcake


Hurray, cupcakes! I like them all, I'm not picky ;-)And congrats on your blog anniversary!


happy blog birthday!!!

i love every single bag :)

xo laura

corine@ Hidden in France

Sorry I mised the blog b-day! Those cupcakes are so happy looking.

erin maconachie

how could i possibly pick just one favourite? they all look good enough to eat...gorgeous, as always! happy blog anniversary - thanks for a year of colour and beauty and inspiration!
xo e.


I think it is next to impossible to have to pick favorites, but if I must....
"lemon drop", "snowball", "lemon grass", and "bubble gum".

Those are all incredibly adorable!!!

Thanks for the fun giveaway. :)


Happy Belated...*S*

"after eight" is my first choice, then anything about lemon


Happy Belated...*S*

"after eight" is my first choice, then anything about lemon


They are all scrumptious! I am not choosy when it comes to cupcakes!!! Happy anniversary! Keep up the blogging, very inspiring.


Absolutly gorgeous. Rosy Berry gets my vote. It's allways a delight to visit your blog and find a new post.

Amy Ragland

Happy Blogiversary! My choices would be Sweet Cherub and After Eight. :)


Oh my. I love them all, but maybe rosy berry is my favorite?


Dear me, these bags are all equally scrumptious and beautiful! I couldn't pick a favourite if I had to!
Happy belated bloggiversary!!

Lindz (Yankee Girl Designs)

*sigh* Those are the sweetest most girly lil bags ever! Ohhh the tweed, and the pastels *faints* Rose Berry is definitely my favorite, but I like Pretty In Pink and Sweet Cherub as well.


Happy Anniversary! Your blog is truly inspiring, and this collection is downright delicious!
How to choose a favorite? I'll say "Fairy Berry," "Sweet Cherub" and "Pretty in Pink." But they ALL make my mouth water!


I love them all!! Especially Rosy Berry, Pretty in Pink and Sweet Cherub. I love the girlie fabrics in combo with the tweeds. These are stunning! Happy Blogiversary too! xo, suzy

Rosemary P.

I vote for Rosy namesake! They are all just delicious! What a hard time choosing. Happy Happy Blogversary!


I love every single one so if I win I am happy to take any one of those beautiful totes, call it a leftover if you will *smile*


Rosy Berry and Lemon Grass if I had to pick. They look scrumptious!


Happy Anniversary! They are all beautiful. My favs are sweet cherub, fairy berry, and lemon drop.


Happy Anniversary. You are so talented, they are all adorable. I am very partial to Rose Berry though. Cute, cute, cute!


Happy anniversary, well they are amazing (of course, what else would they be) but my favs. are rosy berry, bubble gum, sweet cherub, pretty in pink. Thank you for being so generous. Clarice


These are Beautiful!! Happy Blog-versary. It would be fun to win any of them but I have to say my favorites are rosy berry, sweet cherub and pretty in pink. The binding on the pocket is too cute!


A most happy anniversary to you! We are both hosting drawings on the same day! I hope you will enter mine too! I love the bags you made - so whimsical and cute. Also, due to tummy troubles, I can't eat goodies like that so your eye candy is perfect for me! I thought I would be able to decide which bag I like best but I can't they all look scrumptious!

lori marie

how delicious!! i'm loving the fairy berry and minty blues:)

beautiful work beata...smiles


Oh I'm so glad you were inspired!! and I love the give-away idea. My choices would be:
1. fairy berry
2. pretty in pink
3. sweet cherub

I'm crossing my fingers and my toes :)


Happy Anniversary! Love your cupcakes! I so guessed wrong! I have been working on some cupcake goodies also! Not as pretty as yours though!


I was so busy gawking, I forgot to list my favs!
1. fairy berry
2. pretty in pink
3. sweet cherub


just beautiful. these are so sweet, so much fun and i love them all! who could choose? I love the rose berry and the lemon drop, and all of them! wonderful!


Happy Anuversary...Humm did anyone mention cupcakes? No calories and fashionable...I need that soon! Great totes!


Sorry forgot the list: Sweet Cherub, Fairy berry and minty in blues


Congrats on blogging for a year. This is my first visit to your blog. I love it and I will be back. I love all of the bags.If I had to pick I would choose Posey Berry,Sweet Cherub and Bubble Gum. They are all lovely.


Wow! Happy Blogiversary! The cupcakes ALL look delicious but I am a chocolate lover so it's After Eight with a glass of milk...lovely stuff. -amy


They are all totally scrumptious but I just love rose berry & sweet cherub.


These are just beautiful I love sweet cherub the best.I think....?!
Congratulations on 1 year!


Delicious! Sweet Cherub and Rosey Berry are my faves. Thanks so much for thinking of all of us!


Holy smokes! That is some beautiful work. How to pick 3 favorites? Okay, I'll give it a try...Rosy Berry,pretty in pink and sweet cherub. Seriously. That was hard. You are one giving lady!


Well firstly Happy Blogday! But how can you be so mean! To choose just a favourite from 10 stunning creations is nigh on impossible. Currently I picture you sitting by your pc cackling manically at the mere thought of us all scrolling up and down trying to define a favourite. The bags are a delight as usual and its such a dreary day here, they really have brightened my day thus far. I've enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading the next 100 entries - and if I really have to my first fav would be Rosy Berry (such a cheery bag) followed by Minty Blues and After Eight. Thank you for your blog, x


Happy anniversary. All your bags are beautiful. The color, texture, is perfect! If I really had to pick one (very difficult) I think that I would go for snow ball or minty blues or sweert cherub or lemon grass...I just can't decide :)

Melissa Danner

Your bags are absolutely adorable! If I had to pick a favorite it would be fairy berry. The minty blues and sweet cherub would be my next choices, however, they are all amazing!!

Happy Blog Anniversary!



Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary! This is my first time in commenting but I visit often. In fact something funny happened the other day - I wanted to print out the instructions for those wonderful crochet flowers from your blog. I was at work and shouldn't really use the printer for 'personnal' use but thought that one page of instructions would be ok. So, I clicked print one page, the printer (short of ink)started printing out your whole blog!! I didn't know whether to run to the printer (100 metres away) or the computer!
I managed to stop it and took what pages I had home to drool once more!
Thank you for inspiring me...I have started those crochet flowers incidently too.
As for your bags, well I think Rosy Berry is my first and Sweet Cherub is my second. To be honest though, I wouldn't mind a bit what I got.
Warmest wishes to you,
Sorry to have gone on a bit!!


Hi, first time commenter (that's a word, right?). Love your blog, fabulous pictures, an inspiration, makes me want to create with beautiful colours all day long from my rather embarassing stash. First choice is rosy berry, then, after eight,then, oh, I don't know they're ll perfectly lovely! Happy anniversary!


I am so in awe of your talent! Your color combinations, fabric textures, and sewing talent are just remarkable. Those bags are beautiful, each and every one. The ones that stood out to me were "sweet cherub" "fairy berry" and "snowball". What better way can there be to celebrate anything than with yummy cupcakes?
Happy blog anniversary!

Amy P.

I love your blog. You're such an inspiration!! I love your totes!! I would say my favorite is after eight, then minty blues, and last (but not least) fairy berry. Thank you!


Okay here goes, first choice is fairy berry, second is minty blues and third is sweet cherub.
They are all beautiful really, that was a difficult ghoice to make.


They are wonderful! I like after eight and bubble gum, but it is very hard to pick! This is my first comment on a blog...maybe I'll get lucky! If not, I hope you'll have them at a market!

Mimi K

Wow- they are all fantastic- and so cupcakey! I would be thrilled to have any one of them to be honest :-)

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