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October 09, 2007



Wow, what a gorgeous neighborhood you live in! I love the fence that matches the house.

(The pillows are gorgeous too!)


those pillows are fantastic! You have been busy! So great to get an uodate. I look forward to your blog!


Love, love, love these! You have one fun colored neighborhood!!!! I miss Vancouver!!!


I love those pillows so much. They are just beautiful. What a great neighbourhood to live in too. I used to live in a pink house and I loved it. The current owner has just painted it cream and I am so has taken away its character.
Your blog is one of my favourites - it is so bright and cheerful.
Cathy X

Junie Moon

The pillows are fantastic--I love them! And your neighborhood looks so pretty--I'd love to live there, too.

fée un voeu

Your blog is full of magical inspiration : colors, wonders,
happiness, beauty... It's a wonderful discovering !


Lovelovelove the house pillows!

Tanya Whelan

Those pillows and your photography are wonderful!!! I love your neighborhood...The greenish/grayish blue is my favorite too Beata. I don't have a good name for it, I just think of it as vintage blue...Love your work!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh! I love the pillows and the snippets on homes in your neighborhood. Looks like somewhere I would like to live some day.


Too Cute! Love your blog.....


Oh my, these pillows are way too cute! I love your blog and I love the bright colors you use. Tfs!


Those pillows are just great!! I love the little houses!


Your new pillows are great! I love how you have matched them up with the colours of the houses in your neighbourhood, and how lucky you are to live in such a colourful place. all the houses round here are stone coloured or cream - boring!!


These pillows are delicious!!! And I love the buttons - too cute indeed!!! What a georgeous looking neighbourhood you live in too - inspiration each time you go out your front door with all o fthat colous - CUTE!


Those pillows are wonderful! Just love them!

And your neighborhood - wow! Looks like a lovely place to live, candy coated houses and all!


They are so lovely! I like the neighborhood!


EEkk! Gorgeous, are you sellingthem?? hint hint


I love, LOVE the things you've made! Especially the matryoshka totes! Matryoshkas are my favourite creatures, so cute and serene. And your blog has such cheerful colours, really great. I felt so merry and happy looking at your photos. Thank you! I've had a wicked stomach bug for several days now. I really needed cheering up!


WOW! Love those pillows, great composition. The house photos are FAB, what a great neighborhood. As usual your photos are perfect. I love the mosiac effect with your pillow shots! xo, suzy


wonderful pillows. and those house!! oh my, i love them!


I love the pretty and the house colours look lovely...what an attractive neighbourhood!
Margaret and Noreen at THY

vintage twist

They are GORGEOUS, are they for sale?

m i c h e l l e

Oh such yummy yummy yummy stuff! Your pillows AND your neighborhood! What a treat...thanks! :-)


Your pillows and pictures are wonderful!!


I love your montage of photos. And the pillows are absolutely adorable!


I popped over to visit you from Lilli's. You are so talented and I have never seen another blog page where I have loved the colors more. These are my favorite. My studio is bright aqua and my living room is bright pink and green. Everything around here is just soooo beautiful!


Absolutely gorgegous! You rock!


Wow! I can see where some of your color inspiration comes from! I wish I lived in a neighborhood like that! You are a fabulous photographer! I feel like I am visiting a magazine every time I visit! Thanks for giving me a big big boost to my day!


Beautiful photos and pillows! I love the cupcake colors!


I leave enchanted after every single visit here! And I must say that this is one of the most delightful little spots on the entire world wide web!




I just discovered your blog today. What a pleasant surprise to find another crafty blogger in Vancouver! Your work and your blog are very professional and inspiring! I especially love your twirly ruffled skirts for girls. The fabric combinations you've used are beautiful. I'm curious about what neighbourhood you live in. Your house is so picturesque I'm guessing Strathcona?


these pillows look great! you did such a fantastic job.


hello there...just wanted to let you know that I gave you some "link love" on Sundays post!

mary jane

Again, I have to say how beautiful your pictures are! Just lovely. And really sweet pillows too.


Is it possible? Didn`t i tell you yet how much I L O V E your pillows?? I totally forgot, but i have been looking at them so many times now, they are wonderful!! The colours, the texture, happy pillows :))Creative way of putting them all together in a collage, amongs all those colourful houses, your are doing great!

Happy thoughts from Aina

sheree (sheree's alchemy)

So lovely!!


I love this pillow so much, its wonderfull I 'm crasy about it


I absolutely adore your pillows. They remind me of the felt house that I am coveting at Anthropologie. Did you use a pattern for these? Love them!


Your pillows are darling! Are you selling your beautiful goods on Etsy yet? You should! I'd buy something. Your cupcake designs were absolutely yummy also.



hiya popped over to your blog on a link from Posy's and love your work especially the babushka dolls. thanks for the link to the etsy shop that sells the prints, do you sell your stuff anywhere? these house cushions are fab such a good idea. happy christmas love Kat


Oh, what A WONDERFUL WORLD I found here!!!
I want to ask if you agree with me to take your link for my favourite blog?
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1000greetings from germany, Silke


Oh, what A WONDERFUL WORLD I found here!!!
I want to ask if you agree with me to take your link for my favourite blog?
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1000greetings from germany, Silke


Hi Dear,
thanks a looooooooooooooooot for your lovely email :-)
I think about also to start writing in english in my blog, but I think this will not sooo correct, maybe sometimes funny ;-) my english is not sooo good. Hope if I write you will understand ;-)
I checked my email you are right, it was not I "repair" this... I send you muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch love from germany,
1000greeitns, Silke

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