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September 28, 2007



oh, so happy to hear from you again. I look so forward to your blog. So beautiful, you inspire me, as I am sure I already told you!


What pretty flowers and what pretty pictures!! xo, suzy


Thank you for the tutorial - I will be having a go at these. I really struggle to get the right hook with the right wool so I will try to get organised. I am off to check out the fabric - it is so bright and cheerful. I know what you mean about designers not getting it quite right, but this really hits the mark.
Cathy X


that skirt is absolutely adorable! I love the mix of fabrics.

Junie Moon

September has indeed flown by and here comes October already! So many things to do and so little time. I love your ruffled skirts.


my goodness your blog is always such eye candy - I LOVE IT!! Have just added you to our faves as I keep forgetting everyone's blogs and we have to be back here so much more. Thanks for the flower tutorial!! I cannot crochet but I am going to see if Rosie can give some a go!!! =)


Perfectly lovely, and inspiring. As always. But are you keeping your head above water? You sound insanely busy.

sheree (sheree's alchemy)

I saw your skirt on Tanya's blog--it is lovely--great fabric combination!! I have not gotten my hands on any of her fabric yet, but I want some badly!!

ellen kelley

Thanks so much for the tutorial and for taking time out of all you have to do to post it. I appreciate it!


Thank you so much for the tutorial. As always your photos are absolutely stunning. I love Barefoot Roses fabric collection. I'm in process of making a quilt using "jolly packs" (5 inch squares) I bought from Thanks again for sharing!


I loved your crochet flowers so much I ended up picking up a copy of Sasha Kagan's Crochet Inspiration hoping to make some pretty crochet flowers. I can hardly wait to follow your crochet-a-long and see what comes out of my stash. Just out of curiosity, what will you make with all those flowers? I love the Barefoot Roses fabric too, the colors are really nice. I just picked up a copy of a quilt book with the theme of roses and started a wish list to start collecting rose prints! Its called "A Dozen Roses" in case you come across it in a fabric store. I hope things are better, less busy now that October is here!

Gabriela Delworth

Hello from Toronto,

I love your work! Lovely!



Ohhh, I sooo want to learn to make these! Thank you for sharing your tutorial. I have to tell you that I heart/adore all your creative things on this blog! I wish we lived in Vancouver still, and I would pop by and see your booth at the Farmer's Market! Maybe i'll send my girlfriend over to check it out! Happy Thanksgiving~


Hey another Irish Rose fan! I love making these flowers! In thread and yarn! But yours are really colorful!


Thank you for the tutorial. God...another project! You are a great source of inspiration.


Oh my! You crochet too? We are going to be good friends! LOL!


I've only just found your flower tutorial and have only been learning crochet a few months but I can't wait to give these a go!
Thanks a lot.
Hen x

kimberly sherrod

I am so excited to try these flowers! I am just learning to crochet and these look like fun! Thank you for posting it!
calamity kim


I like it very much! Very very beautiful. If I have a time, I will try.


From Bangkok, Thailand.


Very very beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial.


Thank you so much for this pattern I cannot tell you how much I love these flowers.
You know My grandma had a small placemat (I still have it) and it has some similar flowers & I was used to wonder how can I figure out the pattern. I tried making a flower but its not turning out like yours and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. You can see my flower here-

P.S. It has only 5 rounds

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Some times things created artificially appeal more than the Natural ones. Your Floral designs are just like that, Colors full of variety and finishing at its extreme.


gorgeous , very good collection


looks natural , i am impressed, i like pink colour


Very very beautiful!

Sohana Malik

I Love pink colourKeep up the good Work


i really like the pink flowers.....:)

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My little girls are love art, especially sewing. I have quite been having some trouble following on the instructions, do you happen to have a video on how to make this. I would love to try to make this one for my kids too. Looking forward for your reply, Thanks!

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Lucie Prorokova

The pattern is great! Would you mind if I use it on my blog but translated to Czech? I will state you as source and author, with a link to your page ofcourse.

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These are truly beautiful crochet flowers. And by the way, anything that makes the world a more beautiful place will always have a place of its own. Thanks for this blog!

Oneida dl

Just found your pattern thanks to skip to my Lou, but I'm having trouble I was wondering if you could help. I'm very new at crochet ( this would be my very first project) I'm stuck in 3rd rd. I'm using rainbow color yarn and I can't seem to figure out how to make 1 dc 1 tr 1 dc and 1 sc into the same 1 sc!!!!!!!! I would gratly appreciate it for someones help


Thank you so much for the flower pattern, I can't wait to try it.

@Oneida dl, the first step to putting multiple stitches into the same stitch is to start with the first, put 1 dc into the sc from the previous row, next yarn over 2 times then put your hook into the exact same spot, almost like you are putting it under and you may have to push a little harder than normal to get it in, then continue doing the "tr", the next dc & sc will be easier to get into the same spot. Other than that, check out this tutorial -


I made one!
thank you for going to the trouble to decipher and post this flower pattern, and for being so kind as to share it

I was a little confused in Round 3, and may have made a mistake, but it turned out ok and I like my flower, thank you xx


@Oneida - I didn't follow Round 3 very well either,

and I may have done it wrong because I didnt put my *sc, dc, tc, dc, sc* into a SINGLE CHAIN STITCH, but into the loop made by each 3 chain set - so each of my petals sits behind and a little under the one in front - towards the centre - and the 3 chain or 4 chain as in the last row are covered up by the petals

I'm having trouble imagining how to do it or how it would look if I did it any differently. I'd love a video tutorial too so I can see what has to be done xxx


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Thank you for this beautiful tutorial! I'm hoping to make a few today. :)


Hermoso todo lo que enseñas !!! felicitaciones desde Rosario Argentina, y muchas gracias por este material...

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