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September 14, 2007



Perfect name for these charming fall skirts. Too bad my girls are not little anymore. Clarice


great name and such beautiful photographs. Hope the farmers market goes well for you.


whaauw, how i love your blog!!
I'm a new blogger and was blogspotting when found your blog. am glad I found it.
love the skirts and the knitted little flowers.
til next time

Berglind Snæland

Hi Beata!

WOW!!! Just LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE the skirt!! You're fabric choices are amazing :) - I just wanna sit down right now and make my Andrea (5) one!
Do you have a pattern? ;)

I'm looking forward for your next project!

"See" you soon,
Berglind (the one from Iceland :)

Tanya Whelan

LOVE that skirt and your blog!!! Wow, what amazing photographs you take. I'm so glad to have found you and am linking to you!


Gorgeous photos and the skirt is beautiful!!
I really want to make one for Amber...


Amazing. Your blog inspires me so much! This post is great! You make me want to sew up a storm! Thank you for sharing!


OMG I LOVE that skirt!!! It looks SO CUTE with that chunky sweater, I love that look! And the boots too!

You are so talented! :O)


Love that cute skirt and those pictures are beautiful. Get ready for your farmer's market, I wish I could attend I love Farmer's markets. :) Bren


That skirt is gorgeous! I love the combination of fabrics you have chosen.

Junie Moon

Grand Revival Designs wrote a lovely post today about your work and so I linked over here. I'm so glad I did--so many wonderful things to see and consider. Thank you!


Hi Beata, I just linked over here to your blog from Grand Revivial and wow! I just love it! You have such great content and pictures! I have already added you to my sidebar so that I can visit often. Thank you for sharing! xo, suzy


Beautiful skirts as always.

Gina Halladay

Fun and flirty skirty! Great photos too.

Anna Maria

Beata-you do beautiful work, I connect with you on color, large families and of course fabric!
my best, Anna Maria


I'm so glad to find your beautiful blog! Love little missy's cuuuttee skirt!!

vintage twist

What gorgeous, gorgeous images.


Your talents are just unbelievably awesomely fantastically amazingly wonderful!


Beautiful photos, skirts and blog. It seems we have a few things in common; our growing stash of fabrics, love of matryoshka and Vancouver. i passed by your table at the market on Sunday but didn't have time to check things out as my toddler was off shopping with his wagon. Fortunately i picked up your card/magnet which has led me here. Lovely.


Hi Beata!
How did it go on the farmers market? I hope it was a huge success! I am shure you have sold out everything by now :) Yes, i just love everything that you make and i really wanted to tell you how much you inspire me. Remember your last crochet work? The small beautiful flowers? Well, i fell in love with them immediately, and yesterday i tried and tried, and guess, suddenly i had made one! I am not good in reading tutorial, though i have found a few good ones out there. However, i have made my own, written it down, and now i have made 10 of them! I just have to attach them together. I mean, the small, the medium sized flowers and the big ones. I will soon show you :) Yes, i think it is great, and yes, it is very addictive! Friday i will go to the local market and buy differenct colours of woll. :)
I so love you new gypsy rose! This is your ever first ruffle skirt? The colours are so fun! I have not figured out yeet have i make a ruffle. I really want to make a ruffled cushion and i got inspirated by Posy. She has made a few very beautiful ones with fabric from Greengate, you know Greengate don`t you ?
I think you are a very good photographer as well, a very good one!
Hey, i wonder, are you going to make those gingerbread man this year? For christmas? I thought they was the most fun thing i had ever seen! Well, i hope your days are fun, take care! Aina (",)


I come here when ever I need a color rush. You are truly the finest source for color inspiration that I know of. Your eye for color is astounding!


that is the cutest skirt ... I wonder how an over weight, older person would look in it? (and the photos are very lovely)


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Donni Smith

I would love to have the pattern for the flowers I had one and lost it. Thanks for your help.

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