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September 09, 2007



Someone's been bitten by the flower bug! They ARE kind of addictive, aren't they. I bring my crochet everywhere with me these days :)


They are wonderful and I can see how they would be very addictive !!!! Clarice

ffred harris

hi,love the flowers, hayley wants to know if you have a rough pattern, she is very new to crocheting and would like to give them a go.

carolyn the flower pattern!


Hi, we've just been on about instant gratification too. Mine is often satisfied by making a lavender bag...quickly sewn and such a wonderful scent.
Love your little flowers and purse...must get back into crochet again...your work is an inspiration.
Margaret and Noreen at THY


Hi Beata:
Your posting are "delicious"
I love the flowers; crocheting is an art form I passed on because I could not even crochet a chain without making a mistake : )
The flowers are adorable; the round purse is cute and the fabric behind all of it is the bomb!!!
You are a cheerful and delightful human being and it is a pleasure to come to your blog!!!
Thank you


Hi Beata,
Your flowers looks so pretty!! You say that it is easy and it goes very fast, do you have a pattern? I would LOVE to make a few myself :) Oh, your little Daisy looks just adoriable :) What a treasure to find something beautiful as that.
What a great energy you have, i love it!!


those flowers are so sweet! I am about to order a bed throw which has rows of those type of crocheted flowers, alternated with plain pink stripes of crochet, into a big blanket. It is from a british company called Aztec. they are online, have a look for them, as the way you are going you may soon have enough!!! I always lose patience after doing something more than about twice, so I am very impressed!


The crochet flowers are very sweet, and your whole blog is the most lovely refreshing burst of colour. Thanks for the inspiration.


Oh, they are so precious, the cutest little crocheted flowers I've ever seen!

happy zombie

Oh how adorable and pretty!


Adorable!!!! Are these flower pins? If you're unable to post the pattern can I buy some from you and for my friends? Would really love to give these as gifts!


Really beautiful!!!!

Daisy Cottage

Absolutely beautiful - I just love everything that you create.



Hey how are yous? im a learn at the crcheting, but gotta start sumwhere


I just ran across this blog. I don't know one thing about blogs, but LOVE the crocheted flowers. How do I purchase them? Please advise. I can be reached at 713-857-6443 or by [email protected]. Thank you.


Hello, The flowers are lovely, Could you share the pattern??
Oh and I love the babouchka's


I love the roses!!!! If you can, can you please post the pattern! I would love to make them too!!!!! Coolest thing to make! They are so pretty! Good job!!! :)


I too LOVE the flowers! Is there any way to purchse them? Let me know. Thank you!
[email protected]

ruth ann

Your flowers are the beautiful. Could you please send the pattern. Thank You.


could i please get this pattern from you? They look like flowers my Grandma used to crochet. the pattern was in her memory, and she got Alzheimers


THEY ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good job!!! I love the roses! Thank you Thank you.


you have to do a book one day...

Lindy Dunn

So glad I found your site! Great work!


hi I love your flowers! they just beautiful. Could you please send the pattern for them?


been looking all over for a flower pattern. these are the best i've seen. love them. pattern please


how do u make these? what pattern did you use! i love these


I am just about to make these flowers..they have been on my list for a long you have the instructions for the rounds after the flower? I would like to try that rather than the squares..
Thank you so much!

Phyllis Schultz

Great site, flowers are wonderful! Do you have the little purse directions? Would be great for my Mah Jongg funds & the envie of my friends!


So did that lovely pattern ever get posted?
For the flowers?


The same thing. Is there a pattern? :)

Maria Lynn

How can I download your flower patterns? or buy your book? I'm wanting to crochet an afghan to showcase your flowers. Please help. Maria Lynn [email protected]
Thanks so very much! You are very talented!:-)

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