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August 16, 2007



Your photos are beautiful - thanks for sharing them.


Glad to know you had a wonderful time in SoCal. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.


It sounds and looks like you had the time of your life, and nothing is better tahn that! Your kids(it is you kids isn`t it?)looks so healthy and happy, they are very beautiful.Loved the big Bill board with the old ladies, haha, they look so chic and fun!!Great memories :) It sounds like you are enjoying the days, so am i. The fall is slowly beginning to put its mark on the trees. The leaf starts to turn yellow, orange, brown and red. I really enjoy the fall, not to cold and not to warm, and i find the colours just fantastic! Enjoy the days, the weekend and your creativity, sending you positive thoughts here from Holland, Aina (",)


Looks fabulous! Your pictures are all so clear and colourfull..Thank you for sharing...Love the oldie in the Juicy Couture ad..havnt seen that one yet!


It looks like you had a fantastic trip! The colours are great - makes me feel like summer - which is no mean thing considering the weather we've been having this year!!


Wonderful photos--felt like we were right there with you! Glad you had grand day! :o)

mary jane

The tea cups were my favorite ride when I was little! Looks like a fun trip!

lori marie

beautiful! love your photos. the colors are brilliant and your selection of images makes me feel like i was there.


ffred harris

As I scrolled down the photos i expected them to be a flickr montage, but how fantastic that they are all your own, you have a great eye, i will look at the photographs i take with new eyes..thanks for a great post, its nice to see somewhere in the world had a summer, here in the uk it simply never arrived, we had weeks of rain and cloudy warming we think has arrived!

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