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July 12, 2007



Oh my goodness, the cuteness! It's killing me. I need a little girl so I can put these in her room.


a lady who sells them here in Bris told me that the dolls 'find' you not the other way around.
Your artwork has been sent so hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer.

your dolls are lovely. I'm in the process of trying to make a softie matryoshka now.

thanks for the mention. :)


These bags are truly wonderful!! I absolutely love your matroyshkas!


Absolutely darling - every single one!
Your blog is wonderful - I'll be back.



Wow, Beata! I'm speechless........OK, not really. But what a great post! The details of your work are exquisite. I'm glad that your pix are large enough that I can appreciate your careful stitches and that sweet little face.

Someday I'll have to nab the Matroyshka set that I bought in Hungary and gave to my brother, so I can take pix to show you. The dolls are mostly black and red, with white details and shiny metallic sections too.


oh my... these are the sweetest little purses ever! Will you be selling them?

I have four young daughters, and I can't think of anything cuter than a photo of them with their purses... biggest to smallest of course!

Please let me know if you'll be selling any of your nesting bags!


wow, your babushka bags are adorable!


Love that idea, such cute bags and the commenter with the four daughters..a photo of them with the bags...that would be a cute follow up to this post.


OH my god!!! I am sooooooooo glad that i found your blog!! Just love this post :) It shows me your passion, creativity and also that you have an eye for small and very important details. FUN
babushka, hehe...such fun story and what a creation that you made!Totally love the bags, want one!!
I gets so exited reading your blog and looking at all these fantastic pictures that i want to share it with everyone that visit my blog. May i ? And may i use one of your pictures ? Aina :)


I have a friend who loves matroyshka dolls - I made her a felted one for her 30th birthday instead of a card and gave her a set of handpainted ones from Russia - with a cooking/baking theme! But your bags are just fantastic!! I love them!!


You've made some beautiful bags. I love your choice of fabric and colour and your sewing is excellent.


Beautiful, really great idea you had. Nesting the bags...and the motif is so well made!!! I like them all, colors are perfect too. We have a small set of dolls that my husband's sister in law gave to us. She is from Ukraine.


Beata, this post is beautiful! I love the way the you laid out your photos, and your bags are charming and delightful.

sara, the house of charm

I adore these bags, so charming and clever!! Your photos are so summery and fresh too! I want to pluck those totes out of the screen and go for a walk to the library!!


I love those bags and of course love Heather Ross's new line of fabric. I haven't bought any yet - what am I waiting for, lol...


Your bags are the most adorable things ever! And your babushka set is one of the sweetest I've ever seen.


These are just lovely.
I have linked to you if that is ok.
Alison x

janet clare

Just thought I would say that I enjoyed finding your blog and that I love the Russian dolls!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I just found your blog. I love your babushka bags!! I have a few babushka dolls. We visit a really cute shop called the Doll's Nest where the owner has lots and lots of babushkas in all prices. I will have to post about my favorite one some time.


Wow! Your Babushka-bags are so lovely! What a beautyful idea! I´m glad to found your blog, I´ll come back soon :)
Sunny greetings from Hamburg, Germany

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I hope you won't mind. This post was so adorable I posted about your site today and sent my friends to see your beautiful blog!

Sarah Leak

Delightful! They are just so cute.


Heavenly...that's all I can say about those adorable bags! I love those little stacking dolls too and always wanted a set as a child. It wasn't until I was a mum myself, and had a daughter for whom to buy them, that I found out their true name.
It was absolute brilliance of you to make nesting bags with their likeness on them. I am very impressed with your blog indeed!!


happy zombie

Your bags are beyond adorable! And that you made them nest... that's over the top wonderful. I love, love, love it!


It is rare that I visit a blog and fall instantly in love with it! But this has happened to me with yours. You are so talented and I can see the love and thought that goes into your creations. I am already addicted to your art :)



these are really matryoshkas ) i'm russian and i can't understand why they call these dolls babushkas. babushka means granny in russian.


Hi Mila,

I think the name depends on where you are from -- I'm of Polish descent and in Poland we call them babushka, which you are right, means an old lady, and to me, whenever I look at babushkas/matryoshkas, I see old ladies or grannies.

Erica K

Your babushkas are so sweet...and I love that you've nested the bags! I also tend to buy magazines just because I couldn't bear not to own a particular inspirational photo. My husband now hates magazines. :D

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