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July 26, 2007



How adorable! Actually, it's magical. You'll have to let me know where you'll be selling them. I'm still loving my velvet flower pillow :)

Have a great time in sunny CA !


What a charming Woolly House!!!
Betty from wrote about you in her blog and i thought let me see this nice lady's creations. You are hot.


I love that little house and I can't wait to see the cushions!
Enjoy your holiday!!


This pillow is beautiful!! I love it! Sorry, I'm not familliar enough with So Cal to let you know about any spots....


Your blog and creations are so beautiful! I'm so glad I found you!


I LOVE those Wolly houses! You are so fantastic, i wish i lived nearby you :) I would have visited you everyday, following your work step by step. Yoy are shrinking sweaters and making wool felt out of them? Wow, i wouldn`t had come up with an idea like that, how smart isn`t that! Oh, i get so inspired, in fact i have bearly had a sleep last night. Dreaming and thinking of all the things i want to make :) isn`t it? The choice of colours is just jummy :)
I wish you a fun weekend and keep up the good work! Aina


Here is a forum on Southern California. It is a section of a Disneyland forum. I consulted it for our trip last May when I had questions about visiting American Girl Place Los Angeles.


I just found your lovely blog today.
What a wonderful little house you made!
I only have read this post so now I'm off to read the rest.I'm coming back to visit more.
Take care.


Our family literally just got back from our trip to southern california. The weather was fantastic! You're going to have a great time.
Other than Disney, I would highly recommend Solvang for a little shopping retreat. It's between Santa Barbara and lompoc. Google "solvang, California" and you'll find some great info.


Are you gone already? If not and/or you can read this - you MUST go to Roger's in Newport Beach. It is a nursery but they also have the best home decorating type shop attached to it. I would go to So. Cal just to visit that shop.


Nice house...I keep my eye out at the thrift store for wool sweaters in nice colors but they seem to be hard to find...might be because it's summer.

Daisy Cottage

Just adorable! And your photos are always so wonderful to see!

lori marie

YUM! fantastic! i have a little house pillow in the works myself:)

great minds...



You really can't go wrong in southern California - it is all beautiful. We are from CA and still have lots of family there. Santa Barbara, Solvang, Hearst Castle is interesting too. Have a good time, but hurry back because I would love to see more cushions!


cute woolly house, I like how you have used ricrac for grass too. your babushka doll baskets are beautiful too! great work!!


Hello! My first visit here...and I love your blog! Your woolly house is adorable. I want to live there--LOL! Just beautiful! Hope you had a grand time in southern CA! Happy Days :o)


I've given you an award. The details are on my blog. : )


I've given you an award. The details are on my blog. : )


I will be checking back often, because I LOOOve your blog and the things you make. Where do I start? Love the babushka bags, love the banners, love the crochet flowers...gush gush gush!

Prairie Home-Sherry

Very Sweet!!!!

Erica K

I just LOVE that cushion! Especially the trees. What a wonderful, happy green fabric!

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