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June 04, 2007



what a feast for the eyes - i shall have to come back for another look in the morning!!
Just beautiful x
Tracy x


Oh Heavens! How am I to get work done around the house, when I can't tear my eyes away from this post?



I am seriously wishing I was eight years old - those are the cutest skirts I have ever seen!


wow, seriously gorgeous shots! i love the combos of patterns!


Those skirts are gorgeous and so are the pictures. They would fit right in a fashion magazine!


How lovely! Those lucky girls! Someone sews for them, an art form I hope we never

sara, the house of charm

I want to be 7 again! What beauties you spent your day with!


Dear Rose Hip,
It's my first time here and I must tell you that finding this post has made my day! The color/cuteness combination just makes me want to have an amazingly gifted eye! Thank you for the day-brightner,



First timer here too. What wonderful colors, fabrics & photos!


wow, I love all these pictures together, the colours are really amazing. Will be visiting again.


Beautiful! Just beautiful! All I can think of 'I see skies of blue....'.


I'm loving all those pics !

karla nathan

For some reason, the text never came up for this posting for me, but I didn't even need it! Those twirling ruffles of cheerful colors say it all!!!!!!!!


These are adorable! The photos are amazing as usual! I think I can fit into one of these lovely skirts. A very pretty ruffled tube top perfect for the summer. Yeah, I think it will work!


wow what fantastic skirts!!!


WOW, I must tell you how wonderful the photos you took are and how gorgeous all those skirts and colors on them. Amazing. Congrats!!!! Thanks for these candies.


These skirt are unbelievably beautiful!!

Tips Of All Sorts

Floral power to the max. :-)


what a refreshing and colourful blog. Do you sell these skirts? My daughter would just love one. She dances in a skirt everyday and it is getting very shabby. Nice to meet you.


Oh my god, these pictures are too darling! Where do you find all that creativity?! This is the cutest blog, what a fantastic treat! You are incredibly blessed with an amazing, creative mind!

mary jane

Unbelievably beautiful shoot! Just wonderful, the flounces and twirling and flip-flops! Energy and joy, what a talent you are my dear!

mary jane

Unbelievably beautiful shoot! Just wonderful, the flounces and twirling and flip-flops! Energy and joy, what a talent you are my dear!


Totally GorgeouS~ I want to try this pattern sometime!


very creative work.Prints are very nice and garments are very prety.


They are so cute with their little skirts.
Looking at your photos makes me want!


WOW... I don't want to write 10 times the same... but all you create is sooooooooooo beautiful !!! Big big applause !

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