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June 16, 2007



I adore your banners and twirly skirts - are you going to open an etsy shop?


Oh my Goodness, Beata! What a beautiful beautiful beautiful post. From one gorgeous photo to another, I was floating down the garden path and there at the end I met with a surprise! I wasn't expecting to see my wall hanging there. Thanks for photographing the 'opening of the package'. Of course when I was wrapping it I was imagining you opening it, and now I'm privy to the event :)

I'm going to be putting banners/pennants in our back yard too. We got the keys to our new house yesterday and I can hardly wait to move in.

Thanks again for a beautiful post!


Just looking at your photos is making me happy :)

m i c h e l l e

Oh you are SO lucky to have snapped up Lilli's beautiful wall hanging! Four girls? Oh what joy! I have two sisters and growing up with them presented challenges but now as adults, I have "built in" best friends! :-)

The skirts in your previous post are PERFECTION! You have a marvelous eye for color and combos!


It's getting to be that I'm afraid to come visit your blog because I want to make everything you do! I don't have enough time in the day. Those banners are just gorgeous.

Thank you for the inspiration!


Oh my stars, these buntings are DARLING!!!


Fun stuff!


Your photos are just beautiful. The pretty banners with the climbing roses just pull me in like I'm about to visit a fairytale land. Very nice!


Beautiful flags! I love that embroidered on the white one. Gorgeous!


The banners are adorable! As are the skirts in your previous post. I love your fabric combinations!


Just found your blog and it is really lovely; the colors, the fabrics, the photos...I could go on all day!


Hayley Gillespie

Your work and choice of colour and pattern is just stunning! I love everything about it. It's beautiful.



I was at Furniture Salad last weekend, and purchased one of your lovely banners for my daughter's room. She LOVES it.

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