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May 16, 2007



I like you have got to the stage of not pushing myself too hard - the times i have sat until the wee small hours sewing and getting myself in to such a state!!
Ah - the joy of being older and wiser!
Love the colour combos you have put together - enjoy your sewing x
Tracy x


That's why I love blogging: now I know that there are other people in this world who have done the same -- staying up all night trying to finish their little creations!
Thanks for the thumbs up on the colors Tracy!


Well, if you'd stayed up to all hours doing that might have been too worn out for the market, LOL! Just you have a bit of a jumpstart on the next one.


It's good to set goals and it's good to know when to abandon them. It's all good :)


So true Lilli! I'm finally starting to get a bit better at doing just that...

sara, the house of charm

Woould you consider sharing your source for the pattern for the skirts? I'd love to buy or make a big girl version for me!

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