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April 04, 2007



You have such beautiful photos on your blog!
thanks for sharing:) Lovely work!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Hope you feel better soon...and have a great and blessed Easter


Hello again! I'm glad to know that your feeling much better. Try to go easy on yourself though. You don't want a relapse. Believe me, it is worse than the first time, other than the coughing fits and the achy feeling all over, the waterworks down below is a pain in the ass. pun intended! lol! Take care now, yah hear!
Ooooh! Loooove the bed! And those decorative pillows...yummy!


Aargh, isn't it the worst to be sick! Hope you're 100% really soon.

Your wares look beautiful! I love those cushions :)


Magnolias really are just magnificent, aren't they? And your photo captures them perfectly! Congratulations on those lovely floral cushions - the whole bed setting just sings!


No Magnolia's! The blossoms on the cushions are gorgeous, a matter of fact the whole bed looks great!
Get Well Soon!

Tiffany Roberts

how beautiful and inspiring... what a lovely blog you've created!

tash at poppyseeds

yum i have gone to heaven now , no need to go any more.... those magnolias are too beautiful for words... thanks for sharing them you lucky thing!


Absolutely gorgeous!!! LOVE the colors:) Sure puts a smile on my face...hope it cheers you up too. Get better soon!!!


Get well soon! That patchwork is so lovely!!!


I was over at Molly's shop on the weekend and just had to pick up one of your pretty pillows. OMG, they are SO SOFT and velvety and cozy. I just wanted to keep hugging it. And your exquisite attention to detail. VERY well done! Love your choice of fabric for the back, and the cute rickrack edging. And those darling felted flowers!

Wasn't today's weather funny? From heavy rain to wet sunshine :)


I love those magnolias. We have the same ones here in KY. I wish I'd taken pictures of them. Thanks for sharing yours.

My grandmother used to cut one blossom and put it in a large glass bowl-the whole house smelled sort of like lemons. I think it was the extra large white magnolias. LOVE LOVE


Oh my goodness... that bed is the most beautiful thing! The colours are glorious -- and I don't usually go for pastels! I just stumbled across your blog and am definitely bookmarking this one for frequent visits. :)

Gypsy Purple--Chamara

This is stunning!!!

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