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February 01, 2007



This is absolutely lovely!

Daisy Cottage

Oh how WONDERFUL!! I am so happy for you that you have this treasure and I am so jealous! ;-) It is has DAISIES and everything! Great, great find! Thanks for sharing the picture!!


Is that a "since the first issue" collection of everyday food in the background?


What a joy reading your blog is! I am new here but will be back often. I have so enjoyed your posts....your photos too.
That tin is a real treasure! : )

Your home is lovely.



Good eyes Sarah!...I've been buying everyday food since the first issue because I find the recipes for the most part are good, simple and family-oriented and, most importantly, it's a compact little magazine so I can find recipes fast...all very important when you have 4 hungry children to feed! Do you also buy it and make recipes from it?...


Yes it is!!! Pretty find!!!

Leigh Ann

This one is a treat! I collect tins to store my craft supplies in. It is such fun.

Fun finding you through Sarah.

I love Everyday Food, too. A friend got me a subscription for my bday. Yum!

Cheers! LA

jenny holiday

Hi there!! I just found your fab blog today!! Loving it to bits!! Especially your post on Marie Antoinette and yo yos!! My goodness!! Is that a photo of the garland you bought for Christmas? It is amaaaazing!!! WOW!!

I must take some time to go through your archives!!

Thanks bunches for the eye candy!

Happy blogging!
xoxo Jenny

Gypsy Purple--Chamara

I found your blog lovely!!
Had a great time and will definitely be back


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