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February 09, 2007



very cute. the colors are great, chinese inspired, but could be used for something else afterward. i like how you put these together (2 pieces of fabric, raw edges showing, pinked edges?) - that is how i've been leaning towards making ours (soon).
my daughter loves celebrating chinese new year. fun!


I really like your banner. Especially the overlay flags. You’re lucky to have another culture to experience like that. I wish we had a little more diversity here, like when we lived in FL. Oh well! Great banner anyway!


Looks great to me! That red is the first thing that makes it look Chinese New Year-ish, and then the big pink peony keeps the theme, and of course gold is one of the CNY colours.

I was talking to Molly the other day about Valentines vs CNY, and she said she was going to ask you to make the banner. I can hardly wait to see it in the window :)


Beautiful. I adore it!


Hey again...I was at Molly's today and saw your banner resting peaceably on a shelf, enjoyed picking it up, examining the fabric, and marvelling at the power of blogging :)

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