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February 14, 2007



What a lovely project for the girls and boys (?). I will aim to file that project away in my little peabrain of memory 'cause it is truly special. STop spoiling those kids!


Those are very, very sweet!


I love your blog - it's so fun and sweet. The hearts turned out well and they do have a bit of a Tyrolean feel to them.


You're giving the kids such a wonderful experience. I'm sure they'll always remember it :)


Cute! I made something really similar: see my blog at Great minds think alike!

Daisy Cottage

Just darling! I love these SO much!!!


Those are just adorable. I love love love the lighter blue flowers with the red hearts. Very sweet.


Those are JUST DARLING and your photos are stunning!!! I love all the colors you used too. And yes, I too thought they looked Tyrolian/Bavarian.

What a talented group of children!

Julie Brunner

so charming! those children are mighty lucky to have a supportive mom like you to help out. thanks for that. I was one of those moms when mine were young. They grow so fast. But, now I can share quilting, with one of them, at least.


Those are the cutest! So, so sweet. I love your blog and photos. Such great color!


wow, you are very productive!

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