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January 03, 2007



I'm a big Tricia Guild fan too!!! I too started getting her books back in the 90s: Design and Detail, Color, Soft Furnishings, and In Town. Back then, I was so relieved to find someone else who had the same colour sensibilities as me. Not that I'm going to paint my walls a deep green, but I do love looking at saturated colours. I'll have to check out this gorgeous-looking Pattern book.

Merci pour le billet-doux. You are very welcome for the link. It's very easy to sing your praises :)

Daisy Cottage

Me too, me too! Big fan of hers! Thank you for sharing Tricia's latest work ~ I must get a copy too.
Fun to see!


Oh so YUMMY! =^..^=

I have not seen this book yet!

The colors are so saturated ... and deep ::yum::
The combinations ... I love mixing patterns for texture!
I really must go find this gem of a book and sit with
a cup of tea soaking up the goodness of the pages.

I especially like the picture you are sharing of
the orange & pink with the black stripe ribbon!
I don't know exactly why that stands out to me
... just does.

I am SOooo tickled pink that I finally found you again ...
My computer (Elsa) crashed and I lost my bookmarks.
I could not for the life of me remember you blog name
correctly. Kept thinking ... Rose hipS ... Rosehip Tea ...
Every combination was wrong! I was in a dither over it!

And then today .::SIGH::. BINGO! I noticed your blog name
show up on my tracker! .::YippEeeee!!::.

There you were! Just a ::CLICK:: of the mouse & ...
Here you are still ... just as I remembered
delightful and wonderful to visit!

I must go catch-up now with all I have missed!
I'm just SO excited!
What have you made I always wonder?

... Now I will know!
=^..^= love, zU


Tricia is high on my Love list too! Wow, this looks like a fabulous book... I love how she mixes colors, craft and always flowers in her work!!!


The style of this book, colors and ornateness (is that a word?) remind me of Kaffe Fasset. All his books and fabric have similar energy and color.

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