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January 12, 2007



What a lovely patchwork pile! That's kind of where I'm at right now: a bunch of tops. I decide to make a quilt for my friend's birthday or whatever, get part or all of the top done, and then run out of time to quilt it. With all the packing we've been doing, I'm discovering a lot of unfinished projects.

Good Luck !


Hi Lilli,
This is what I mean about loving blogging -- I'm clearly not the only one around with a bunch of tops!! I hope you're discovering all these unfinished projects and thinking of them as long-lost treasures...Judging by the embroidered linen and glass jewellery you showed in your blog, you seem to be unearthing some rather precious treasures!!


hey girl...we's in the same sewing boat together...sadly I needs to lose weight also and have chosen to weigh myself and my first dozen or so UFO's together so-I finish a project-I lose weight-I lose weight-you guessed it-I lose weight! Nothing like a win, win, with the weight stacked in my favor...hohoho...great blog you got! Let's motivate each other...


Oh my, I REALLY love the color combinations on the top, and I am not usually all that into purple.


Hi Lilli,

I found your blog via a comment you left on Alicia's blog on her post about the snow. I'm south of you in Astoria (Oregon). Your blog is so lovely and I love your photos (especially of your beautiful snow up there in Vancouver). We got snow last week... today it's icky uggy rain and melting our winter wonderland.

I too have a lot of unfinished quilt projects. Lots of tops and a lot of stacks to be started! So much inspiration out in Crafty Blogland that I have more stacks then finished projects.

Happy Quilty Snow Day!


qu'ils sont beaux tous ces tissus!! que vas tu faire avec ?


Bonjour Claire,
Merci!...J'espère faire des housses de couette avec les tissus...

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