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January 30, 2007



Lucky you!


Hi Sarah,
Yup, for once I'm not pining over the fact that we don't have certain stores in town --- like Target!


i am freaking out - i want to visit a daiso very badly. enough that i offered to send a friend in seattle money to pick some stuff out for me! (didn't work out).

i LOVE the stationary, and esp. the dolls. as a kid, my dad traveled a lot, and always brought me back a doll - i have an international doll collection, too - those little ones are SOO cute!


I have a collection of International dolls as well, from all sorts of places. I want to display them again! My daughter likes to get them out of the box now and then to look at all the costumes.


wow, what a great shop, wish we had those here!!


hi there, have you managed to buy all the 24 of them? would you have any interest to sell them to me? i m living in germany and i m a singaporean. i came back home in 2007 and bought 11 of them coz the rest was not available anymore in that daiso shop i wnet to. please let me know your opinion.
thanks :-D

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