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December 22, 2006


Daisy Cottage

Those are THE cutest gingerbread men... you should be so proud for sharing your talent and helping the kiddies create something that I'm sure they loved doing. Just adorable!


Thanks Kim!
I think that the gingerbread men were very lovingly put into bachpacks and brought home for the holidays...This was a such a great experience that I can't wait to be re-invited!


Nice job Beata! I especially love the ninja gingerbread man. The size of them is great - way more fun than another tree ornament. Did you sew on the ricrac yourself beforehand, or did they tackle that as well? It's good to see what 10 year olds are capable of - I love it when boys can get psyched about a 'sewing' project, too. I can't believe what you've managed to accomplish this month and look forward to making you dinner in a few days so you can RELAX!


Thanks Krista,
The children actually sewed the ricrac onto the felt piece themselves - I think that this was the most challenging part for them! All the boys definitely got into fact, the gingerbread man in the forefront with the blue and black button eyes was sewn by a boy who took his time and was very much a perfectionist! You hit it on the nail - I'm really looking forward to relaxing at your house - my month of December has been insanely busy this year...


What a lovely project. The little gingerbread men are adorable. I'm sure the mums will treasure them for years to come.


how did you realize them? they're beautiful!!!! i would like to make them for this Xmas!
thank you,

karin marie smith

awaw these are too cute! I love that the children wanted to skip recess to keep on working on them! That is awesome! I love how they each put there own little touches and love into them! This is a fun craft for anyone to do! I love them! Do you have a pattern you could share? I would love to do this craft with my daughters! Thanks a bunch.

karin marie :)


what a great gift to give those children. It is so easy to GIVE something to kids but takes much more to teach them how to do it themselves. I imagine they were all quite proud.

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