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December 31, 2006



Nice photo collection. The dress is precious, the colors are wonderful.


Thanks so much Michelle! Happy New Year's Eve!...Will it be a quiet one like the one around here, or - a raucous one?!


Wow! What a surprise your blog is! You are so creative...I'm gonna send my friends over here...

Daisy Cottage

Toooooooooo cute!
Wow! Love, love the dress!!


Love this post, Beata! I've featured you on my blog today :)


Oh the yo-yo's are so yummy! Love these images and the links!!! Thanks!


OH MY...absolutely stunning!!!!!!


So gorgeous! Beata that is just stunning! You are so talented.

I'm so glad you liked Marie Antoinette so much. I was so smitten with the feast of fabrics, textures and colours in that film, I can hardly wait for it to be released on DVD so I can pop it in whenver I wish! I was given the Antonia Fraser book (that the film is based on) for xmas and have been reading it these past few days and thinking back to those stunning Versailles scenes...


Truly Delightful!!!


Emira, we think along the same line - I too am looking forward to the DVD of Marie Antoinette so I can view all its scrumptious details at my own speed!


I have to thank all of you who commented so wonderfully on this post - all your great comments have given me a great start to this new year!


Your blog is lovely!!! I also love the dress you made for your daughter. Is that from a pattern? If so could you please share what pattern it is?


The dress is lovely. Did you buy the flowery garland? If so, what did you do with it? I would have bought it and strung it on my pink feather tree..


Hi Sarah,
Thanks for commenting so nicely...I did buy the flowery garland and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it! I do think it wouldn't be very hard to make one although the velvety vintage-like flowers which were used in it might be hard to find?!...I actually strung it on a beautiful full-size wrought iron dressform I have in my living room --- a pink feather tree would have been nice too..


Beata- The yo-yo dress..egads! I LOVE IT!!


I LOVE this dress!!!
Is there any chance you'd make one to sell?
It's beautiful!

Deeann :)

Gypsy Purple--Chamara

Oh WOW, what a joy!!!!!
This was delightful and I`m so glad I visited!!!


Old Round

I totally have not been able to understand the phenomena of yo-yo's, until I just saw them on that dress!


heyy, that dress is SUPER cute.
i was wondering if there was any way you could design me a dress similar, just a little more sophisticated.
get back to me if you can<3


it must be warm where you are... definately love the yoyo dress though! i am starting to enjoy yoyos more and more. i detested them at first.


Wonderful dress. Yo-yo...another thing that I should try!



Please visit my blog for the latest post on Mirror Ball Dot where I have included your project and link to this page.


Mark Hordyszynski

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