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November 30, 2006


Daisy Cottage

Beata, those little girls are SO sweet! I would have taken them home with me too! I really love their faces and the colors. I think you got some treasures!
Hope you have a sunny day today!


Kim, thanks for the thumbs up on the little girls! Every time I look at them I can't help but wonder as to where they came know, where they all hanging in a hallway or maybe in a little girl's room?!...


hi =^..^=

Just dropped by via Daisy Cottage!
Your blog is yummy ... GoRgEoUs quilts!

Just for fun (in case you wonder like I do about things and their past)
The little gilrs are from the early 1960s ...
They were a proof of purchase send-in offer from Northern Bathroom Tissue. There were four (maybe five?) ... The other one I vividly remember was a little freckle face redhead boy with his baseball stuff!

I have them somewhere still in the package they came in ... I expect my mother ordered them to hang in my room ... and then never did.

Darling pictures!
My cottage is so small I can't find a place to use every one of my treasures, but I can't part with some of them either! These little pastel prints are some of the true keepers. Perfect to pair with a handmade quilt, don't you think? .::smile::.

So HaPpY to have found your delightful blog!
=^..^= love, zU


Hi zU,
What a wealth of information you are! - Thanks so much for clearing up my little mystery of "the three little girls"! Now, I shall keep my eyes open for the other one or two to complete my collection...I'm so pleased you took the time to leave your note and thanks for your great comments about my blog! I took a quick spin through yours - I'm preparing for a Christmas fair at the moment and I just don't have a moment to spare - but I'll definitely be back to discover it in greater detail after tomorrow (the day of my fair) because, oh my gosh, it's so whimsical and full of delightful suprises...


Beata =^..^=

Your blog is one of those I need time to spend in to see everything too! I haven't time to play in your archives all at once (oh how I wish I could today) but I intend to ... bit by bit until I have seen everything! Twice!

It's like when a favorite magazine or book arrives and you have to almost hide it under something until you have finished work ::sigh::

The information of the three little girl portraits was hApPiLy shared. I think the ones you have are quite a wonderful trio!

.::WISHES::. of luck being sent to you for your fair!
That you will have a wonderful time and that everyone around you will feel your joy. Don't stay up too late sewing! ::giggle::

=^..^= love, zU


Hi Zu,
Yes, I did stay up way to late before my fair trying to finish up things and now, well now, I'm paying the price by feeling sleepy all the time...oh well, it was worth it though - it was a great Christmas market...'still haven't had time to explore your blog fully but am looking forward to doing so - just as you say, it's like that favorite magazine...
Thanks, Beata


Oh such memories! I love these pictures. They remind me of toilet tissue and softness. I guess the advertisers did a good job; as I still remember to this day! LOL!


Hi! My mother got those prints when we were young and she framed them just like those are and had them on our wall in the bedroom. There were four of them, and we had four girls in our family at the time. I think we all identified with one of them. Thanks for the memory!


Here's a link to all four prints.

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