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Hi, my name is Beata and I live in Vancouver, Canada, with my amazing (and very indulgent) husband and four wonderful children. Prior to having children, I had a career as a civil engineer, but upon the birth of my first daughter, I decided to stay at home so as not to miss out on my daughter's first years. At the same time and undoubtedly inspired by being around small children, I started to rediscover my creative side which had been dormant throughout most of my twenties. Perhaps because I fondly remember being around fabric as a child since my grandmother was a seamstress, I felt naturally drawn to collecting fabric, new and especially vintage, and playing around with it on a sewing machine.

About ten years ago, despite having a rather busy family life (all four of our children were born at this point!), I started to sell items I designed and sewed at a local farmer's market. The idea was that by selling my wares at the market, I would use up my ever-growing fabric collection more quickly; however, to the distress of my family, my collection still keeps growing to this day! Four years after becoming a market vendor, I discovered the wonderful world of blogging and started up my own blog, rose hip, where I mostly feature my latest creations and, more recently, share my new passion for crochet. Soon after getting my blog up and running, I also opened up my little Etsy shop, also under the name of rose hip, where I happily sell my wares still today. My blog at times also touches on something else that delights me to no end: gardening . And more recently, I have also been updating my readers on a very exciting new venture for our family: building a lakeside cottage on the Sunshine Coast, in British Columbia.

Blogging has given me the chance to meet so many wonderful people who share similar interests with me and has led me to so many unexpected and exciting moments such as seeing my little creations being featured in magazines and books! Oh, and no, I never went back to my civil engineering career...

Thanks for visiting!