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November 05, 2013



Oh my, these are too gorgeous indeed and your photography has done them more than justice xox Penny


total eye candy...and yes, my photos do seem to be altered on here! xo


no worries!!! the photos are beautiful!!!!
xxxx Ale


Your pillowcases are Delicious! just adore them x
I know exactly what you mean about photos, it can be sooooo time eating!
can't wait to see more ;o)
love jooles xxx


They look gorgeous and it's a great way to sort out the editing. Xo

Annette My Rose Valley

I'm with you Beata. I am so frustrated with the weather and the light for the moment. I can't get any pictures done because of the rain and cloudy days and funny light. I tried to take some pics inside yesterday but ended up throwing them all away. It is impossible! I feel like such a blog phhotographer snob but once you start understanding the importance of great light and how it can make your pictures look stunning and professional, there is just no way I could present a yellowish inside taken photo lit up by the roof light bulb.

Lovely pillows. Is that Tilda, the brownish one? Looks like that Granny Brown...



Ah, your pillowcases always look SO pretty. I really want to try this myself, have the pillowcovers ready...2 yrs now...just to get the right colour and courage.

Jennifer Hill

Ah! Lovely as always! Jen x

Tammy Boyd

Do you have a pattern for the boarder? They are beautiful!

Hedgerow Rose

I don't think it's possible to take a bad photo of your creations because they're just so beautiful!

Angela-Southern USA

I don't mind in the least, it's a feast for the eyes! I too noticed that sites alter photos some what, can be frustrating. Look forward to part two! :)Just finished my curtains trimmed with crochet butterflies, they would look lovely on pillowcases as well. Have a great week :)

Angela @ Cottage Magpie

Oh my goodness, you have described my photo process exactly. I am always so worried about getting a good exposure, especially this time of year (I live in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.) that I take a bajillion photos. Then when I try to look at them all I can't decide. Mine, however, are not nearly as delicious as yours with all the pretty fabrics and stitching. Lovely! Don't worry about overloading us, we'll soak up all the pictures you share. :-) ~Angela~

found and sewn

I just love your pillow cases. I can't wait to buy some. I'm always taking lots of photos, it takes me ages to edit them x

mrs robinson

So pretty... love the ditsy print. And yes, these darker autumnal days play havoc with my (already poor!) photography skills


Your pillowcases are just beautiful.

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