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October 30, 2013


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Hi there, found you whilst googling crochet patterns for Rose hips, I'm really happy with the search results finding a fellow Typepadder!!
Love your blankets and flowers. I'm currently making an Autumn wreath so hunting out all things autumnal (hence the rose hips) - your fall pictures are gorgeous! Will be having a peak again soon- pop over and have a peak at my blog when you get chance. Take care Karen :o)x

Angela B

I love your crochet flower squares! I'm looking forward to your pillowcase pattern.

Joy Abbott

What a beautiful pattern if I could learn this I would be happy


A sea of roses : beautiful!!!!
xxxxx Ale


I love the flowers with light blue backgrounds, I don't know if you want to make a blanket or something smaller, but I think lots of different types of flowers would look amazing

Angela-Southern USA

So very lovely! Look forward to the reveal. :)Working on a butterfly trim for my retro curtains (inspired by a photo, so I know what you mean about figuring out a pattern.)lol Happy November!


Such pretty squares, I love the colours and I love the design. The three leaves and flower seem to work really well. I am also working edges to tea towels and pillowcases at the moment, so looking forward to seeing yours. Enjoy your weekend xoxo

Heather @ Lark & Lola

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I want to snuggled up to my computer screen right now.


Your wee flower garden is beautiful x Penny


So so beautiful!!!!! What a great idea for a square.....I've never added to the basic square...must do!!!


Love, love these squares! thanks for sharing! :)

mrs robinson

So lovely... such pretty colours and pattern!


I really like this square! I can't wait to see the pattern.


this is really love lovely. always something beautiful to find on your blog pages!

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