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February 14, 2013


Patty Radish

Not only is it fun to find old, unfinished projects (because they are usually almost finished!), it feels really good to get them done. I love the look on the babushks's face, looking at the doll with no face!


Your nearly forgotten treasures are so sweet! xo

Anna S

The finds are real treasures - especially the dachshund he is just wonderful.


adoro le le colleziono, queste sono meravigliose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The heart tattoo is perfect and very apt too! Great to find so many lovely half finished projects, you will quickly feel like you have made so much progress as they will be over so quickly ... look forward to seeing the end results :)

found and sewn

love the Duchshund dog with it pink heart x


The dog is just adorable!


such sweetness! love your babushkas! xo Heather


oh how lovely! i love that at the end he was actually a she :)


Hmm - I hate to be too obvious but how about Miss Patch? Or, I don't know why but she looks a bit like a Henrietta. What a lovely bunch of treasures to come across - I look forward to seeing some of them finished x Jane


Oh what treasure you found!
Love your Dachshund, he is most definitely a (Henry) Higgins just find him a deerstalker hat and a pipe.
Carol xx


p.s. I know she is a girl, but it is the "tweed"!
Then again perhaps she could be Miss Jane Marple.


What lovely crafts, smiling from being uncovered! The fabrics you use are always so lovely, bright, and cheery! May I ask where you often find them?



Hi! I like your blog a lot and I visit it often and for this there is
an award for you here:


Sara Marie

I think she looks like Jessica. What did you end up naming her?

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