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January 10, 2013



I really enjoyed your trip down memory lane. Your embroidery looks really pretty.

Taciana Simmons

Such a pretty work. I'm from Brazil and we embroid just about everything and anything... I love the work, how it looks but have never been able to really do any. I love to crochet and knit. Maybe I'll just give it a try this year... Something new to challenge myself to :) what a fun thought ! Thanks for the inspiration. :)


Oh this was such a trip down memory lane for me too! I've still got my first needlecraft piece that Mum gave me years and years ago! It wasn't as detailed as the two lovely ones you have here, which definitely make me tempted to have a look on ebay as you suggest.


Well I haven't done one of those kits since childhood, which is more years than I like to remember! But you have piqued my interest, and though due to health issues recently my crafting is limited to small items in short bursts now and then, this is something I think I will revisit too. Thank you, and Happy New Year.


I too love to collect thrift store crewel and embroidery kits! But, unlike you, mine never get done :P Great job finishing some beautiful projects :)


Yes, I worked those kits by the hour back in the seventies.I had pillows and framed pictures all over the house done in that lovely crewel work. I got very tired of it and gave it all away when I redecorated. Your mention of it makes me wish I had kept a bit.

I guess there's always more kits to do.



Fabulous work. I did a bit of crewel work when I was a young girl. Haven't done any since but seeing your gorgeous pics has got me thinking of taking it up, even for one project :)


Je n'ai aucune idée de la traduction de Crewel (cruel?) mais vivement la prochaine journée Neige pour essayer!! Beata, tu devrais vraiment écrire tes mémoires, j'ai adoré la façon dont tu as décris tes mémoires d'enfance!! Est-ce que je peux m'inscrire au prochain atelier Crewel vendredi à l'école? :-)

Leanne M

Hello from your newest follower, I've been silently admiring your handcrafts for some time and think it's about time I actually commented. I simply adore your work.

Love To Crochet

Beautiful! What a lovely way to bond to your little "mini-me". I have wonderful memories of my aunt in Germany teaching me crocheting. Your work is BEAUTIFUL :)


how lovely!!!! :-)

found and sewn

I love this, it looks so pretty!


I too learned to stitch with these kinds of crewel embroidery kits in the mid-70s as a pre-teen so loved everything about this post. They gave me a life-long love of anything involving a needle and thread. I wish crewel would come back, in an updated form; so many fun and beautiful stitches. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories!

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