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November 19, 2012



I'm in love!!! I need to go yarn shopping to start my own basket!


What gorgeous, luscious colours... such a cheery note on this wet and quite dark morning here in Norfolk. I have no wool left over now, think I need to rectify that with the odd ball here and there.
Thanks for the colour.


I love your flower squares too, but I got them all wrong on my flowery throw as I thought the instructions said to turn the square so mine pop the wrong way, even wrong I love them and the defined stitches in cotton look amazing. I can't wait to see what you do with them. Fiona xx


I love your flower squares too. Reading your latest post sitting right next to my own brightly coloured flower square cushion. It is certainly cheering up a horrid, rainy lunchtime here in the UK. Thanks so much for the pattern.


I'm wishing I knew how to do that...I'll bet it's one little sigh of satisfaction after another. Is it hard for a non-hooker to learn? (oh dear, that just sounds wrong...) btw, my Emma is home now from her trip out your way and she had a wonderful adventure!


Gorgeous, I love using cotton. I made a granny square blanket last year to cover my bed, the only problem is its so heavy to wash. Sarah x


So beautiful! I've been following your flower square pattern and I feel like mine are turning out larger than the ones you used for your pillows. What size crochet hook do you use??

Dagmar Leueneberger-Swift

I will making a few squares overs the holidays..your work always inspires me.. I have pillowcase envy..can't wait until you have some new ones up..BTW..the lampshade is a work of ART❤


so beautiful, colors are gorgeous and your stitching is so even and crisp. the photos are so artistic, but its hard to see the project , could you take a couple a little farther back? thank you for a beautiful and inspiring blog.


I simply love the colors, they just make me smile.


Where is the pattern for these flowers without the square? Thanks so much!


I like your crochet's.. especially the colorfull flower... Sure..It's make me smile...makes me feel happy^_^

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