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February 15, 2012


My Rosevalley

WHat great news Beata! Congratulations!!! This is fantastic. I am so excited for you. Checked out all the links. That new book of hers is to DIE FOR! Only 6 left in stock in the UK. I am ordering one right now! :D Thanks for sharing your fab-fantastic news. Your pillow cases are so worth it. This is like being on the cover of VOGUE, crafty style... :D

Petit Filoux

Oh wow great news! Congratulations! Fully deserved though, your work is fabulous! I'm tempted to go flick through the magazine during my lunch break!!


That's wonderful news, congratulations! Your crochet trimmed pillowcases are lovely, and inspired me to have a go at my own last year using vintage pillowcases - I have linked to you in my latest post, I hope you don't mind! Will check out the books links.


Congratulations. Your pillowcases are always beautiful.


so exciting! Congratulations, your pillowcases look lovely in print. :)


Now EVERYONE will know about your beautiful work! It's so timeless and always inspire me! xoxo


Congratulations. Prima is an excellent magazine with good circulation so many more people will be making their way over here to see your lovely work.
Carol xx

krista - Poppyprint

That's so exciting!!! Congratulations Beata!


I always recognise your pillowcase style on Flickr and am happy I found your blog now :)
Selina's new book is beyond gorgeous!
Butterfly wishes kat x


Congratulations! I am off to buy the magazine this afternoon! Your pillowcases are so gorgeous XX


I have just found and fallen desperately in love with your beautiful blog. however for some reason, I cannot follow it, when I try to, the screen fills with garbled words unfortunately. Anyhoo, I have just blogged about how beautiful your pillowcases are.


Oh, congratulations, they are beautiful!


Beautiful! Congratulations and well deserved--your work is always so inspiring!

koralee pretty and now I can say I have one!!! Your pillowcase came yesterday and I love it....thank you soooo much. Off to peek around your lovely blog...happy weekend...xoxoxo


So amazing to be in print! Congratulations!

 traducteur anglais francais

Congratulations! Always look at your blog for inspiration.

Isabel Bernardo

I love your pillowcases :)))
Beautiful work!!

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