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November 17, 2011



Wish I could just pop in over the weekend but it's too far away, one whole ocean and a whole continent's distance away to be exact. So colourful! Love it! And that chair makes me thing of Saint Nicolas who's in town since last weekend over here. It's too far though even for him to stop by there and sit in this beautiful chair I'm afraid, but you have Santa Claus coming at Christmas don't you?


Looks so cozy and inviting! Adorable!


Hi there, I just stumbled across your blog while searching ravelry patterns, and I have to say a few things.
1. Your pillow cases are GORGEOUS! I'm going to be moving to wisconsin soon (right by the minnesota border) and I want to totally redo my bedroom decor. Your pillowcases have inspired some great ideas! (I'm getting ahead of myself)
But thank you for that! I'll definitely have to buy some from you!
2. Your cottage is spectacular! There was one
picture where you could see the lake and the mountains through your trees, and I kid you not it
made my eyes water. What beauty! Isn't nature
exquisite? And your hammock.. Well that just
made me jealous :) LOL
3.You are extrememly talented and I hope you never ever quit crafting, because I'm adding your blog to my favorites and I know i'll never tire of reading about your crafting adventures. :)
Happy holidays to you and yours!

Lavender Dreams

I have thought of you so often and today I decided to take the time and do some research...until I found you! This isn't the best photo of my sofa in the lanai but it's the most recent post...
Do you see why I think of you all the time? I even saw a familiar pillow in this collage so I'm sure I'm at the right place! How many times I've wanted to thank you again! I'm putting your blog in my list of favs so I don't lose touch! Hugs! Diane ♥

vivien cooper

Just found your blog and think it is so lovely that I had to make a comment to tell you how much I have enjoyed looking at all your wonderful patterns. Thanks so much for sharing. Viv

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