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October 11, 2011



What a dream coming true! A beautiful by the lake cottage with a wildflower meadow. Lots of work I'm sure but what a feeling it will be once it's all finished.


This post more than makes up an your absence, Beata.
Here's hoping all is going well and that you are taking time for yourselves.
Your place is such a homey, comforting location.


Nice to see all the lovely progress on your new other home. Lobe the velvet couch and the vintage quilt.


It is really coming beautiful! We have the deer here too. They don't like black-eyed susans, lavender, russian sage or bee balm. They do love hostas and lilies!


Your cottage is wonderful and so are your pillowcases! I would love to see more soon.
Bye, Anne-Marie

Bebe Rouge

It's looking really good I was instantly drawn to that green couch I love it. It's awesome what a great fix up xx.


I think I might be in love with your shower too! And love the colour you've chosen for the exterior. C.x


It looks like such a lovely retreat!


Oh it already looks lovley, and if by next year your hill won't be "flowerwise" alive with the sound of music, I can send you some photos from here :-) And although our hills are beautiful, I love your pines!
Greetings from Salzburg,


This is seriously fabulous!!!

krista - Poppyprint

Wow, you guys, the cottage is amazing!!! I love your shower, too and the interior walls are perfect. You're going to have so many fabulous family years in this gorgeous home. Nice to see it coming along and hearing all of your ideas for the garden - which I know you'll create beautifully.


So sorry for your loss. Your pictures are beautiful! :)

Rosehip Hill

Hi from one rosehip to another,

I like your crochet pillow cases. I am making throws like your pillow cases for Chrismtas this year. I found chenile type throws last year after Christmas for $2.50 each and I am adding a crochet edge to give them a homemade look. Your blog caught my eye by the name rosehip, which is what I use on my facebook account.
All the best on your cottage.

קידום אתרי אינטרנט

Gardening rule that I have ever had to consider first. Deer may not like the photo of the factory, but the bees love it.

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