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August 21, 2009




I would love the bluebbery bundle for sure!
Love what you did with the patchwork tops.


Ohhh.. Lovely quilts and yummy fabrics!!!! :o))) Blueberry or Strawberries.. both are just yummy!!!! Cant decide.. but if I must.. I think it will be ....Strawberries.. No Blueberries... Ahhh.. :o))) Well I love them both.. lol.. Just hope Im lucky!!! :o)

joe currey

ooohhhhhh yes please!!! I would love the strawberry picnic please! Fingers crossed :)


Who can resist a blueberry picnic??
Have a wonderful weekend,
♥ Jeannette


Wow how exciting Beata!

I don't know which one. So:

One potato, two potato, three potato, four,
Five potato, six potato, seven potato, more. Bad spud! Blueberry Picnic sounds delicious!

Thank you,

Anna-Karin, Sweden

I'd love the strawberry picnic! So lovely!!
Love your blog by the way.

Judy D.

these are both so lovely! i would love to have either, but i think the blueberry is my favorite. thank you!

Hannah Jane Wright

Oh, I love that strawberry picnic bundle, you're making me drool over here! Thanks for a great giveaway :)

Barbara Graham

I think I'll pick the blueberry picni...can't go past bluberries! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway :) Barb.


What a lovely giveaway! I would love the strawberrie picnic!

Have a lovely weekend

Anna x


looks yummy... really hope to win. i would prefer the strawberry picnic.
thank you,


Ooohhhh how beautiful, how generous you are. I would dearly love to win the 'Strawberry picnic' bundle please. With spring fast aproaching here in Australia they would make the perfect spring picnic blanket.
thank you,


Oh my goodness. They are both beautiful. I'd be happy to win either. Ann


Oh sooo pretty, especially the strawberry bundle. Clarice

Tami B.

Oh how I love the Strawberry Picnic! Beautiful fabrics!


So very, very pretty. I would love to win the very blueberry bundle.


Hi ~ I would love to win the Blueberry Bundle please. I am truly inspired by reading crafty blogs. I was inspired to make a crocheted ripple blanket in greens and blues through reading Lucy's Attic 24 blog and I am loving your patchwork. I last did patchwork about 20 years ago ~ so fingers crossed!


Love them both, but if I had to choose, I think it would be blueberries!


Love them both but if pushed go for the Blueberries. my aim is to do a patchwork for my workroom (still in planning stages!)oooh if only....


They both look lovely but I think I'd prefer blueberries.


Both bundles are lovely but I like Strawberry Picnic best. Thanks for the chance to win. You have a lovely blog.


I love the colours in the blueberry bundle. I've recently taken up hexagon patchwork after being given a box of hexs of my grans and one of her patchwork books.


Keeping my fingers crossed... and would like to win the 'strawberry picnic' :) Thank you for the opportunity! Have a nice weekend. Greetings from Lithuania xxx


A "strawberry picnic" sounds so nice, I think that might be on the cards for tomorrow if the weather is nice, so strawberry picnic for me!

Sonja Sackett

ooh both look so yummy! Let's say strawberry picnic please :) So fun! Thank you.


Hi there! It's a gorgeous giveaway and I'd be happy to win either !
Enjoy your weekend;-)


Id love a shot at the "strawberry picnic" Im not lucky though! haha! they are both lovely!


Oh Wow, they both are so pretty! But I love how strawberry picnic looks... :-) Either way they are going to make some gorgeous patchwork.


The very blueberry bundle has lovely blues and turquoises, but it's the "yellows" in the "strawberry picnic" that have caught my eye!

Lavender Dreams

They are beautiful! I think I love the blueberry bundle best but they are both wonderful! Thanks! I am SO anxious to get back to sewing!

Beate Teale

how lovely; thinking of strawberries...yum....
beate in oz

 s wise

very blueberry is my favourite..can't go past blue...

Julie Campbell

Oooh! I love them BOTH! :) You always find the best fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win a bundle! :)


Ooo, they're both just lovely. I like pink, though, so I prefer the strawberry bundle.


Oh definitely the Strawberry Picnic because I'll always be a strawberry girl at heart.

Both are simply lovely however!!


Strawberry picnic is my pick. Hard to choose though.


Oh what a hard choice. Both are so pretty. Hmm. . . I guess but I thinking a strawberry picnic sound quite lovely today

Julie B

A strawberry picnic sounds so lovely!

Lori Mousseau

It's blueberry season here in Maine. Love the blueberry! And thank you for the opportunity. :)


OOOH! Strawberry picnic please!


Strawberry picnic is my fave, but both are great!


The "very blueberry" is my favourite.


THANK YOU!!! i love them both but I'd have to go with the very blueberry! I love your choices and your blog! Thanks again!

jeanette hegaard

Oh, i will love to have both bundles, but i have to choose, so it must be the strawberry picnic bundle.


I love the strawberry picnic bundle. I'm expecting my first grandchild in Feb. so I'm thinking about quilts for that baby!


I am swooning over the Strawberry Picnic! Gosh, I hope I win!


Oh swoon! I already know what I'll do with the strawberry one. But, to be honest, I already know what I'll do with the blueberry one too! lol What can I say? I'm breezey! (blueberry if I have to pick!) Thanks for such a fun giveaway!


Oh, I love the bluberry bundle :)


I enjoy your colorful blog...and I love both bundles, but the strawberry one is just so PINK! Have a nice weekend.


Who wouldn't love either of them. Strawberry is my fav but would love blueberry too.

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