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August 02, 2009


amy faldet

I love this place, may you always create dear. It is bright, sweet, and makes my kids ooh and sigh at the beauty and the gnomes. Blessings dear one.


I hope that you have a wonderful trip!!!

With Kindness,


Enjoy your trip! Beautiful work as always!


Just beautiful! Have a fun camping trip.

Need to Sew

The blueberry print is lovely! Finding it in the mosaic is a nice little surprise.


Beautiful patchwork! I love the fabric you chose. I also love berries and we can't get enough during the summer. We mix berries with ice cream, lemonade and it's delicious. Have a safe and fun trip! Xo,


Enjoy the heat you've been having...somebody forgot to turn it up out here in Muskoka! Beautiful blueberries...they are my favorite. They've even been on my mind lately and I even mentioned them the other day. Happy Camping :)


oh, i love this, and i do love berries. beautiful post.


I hope you are enjoying you camping holiday. Absolutely love your quilts, the fabrics are devine!


thanks for sharing the fabric pictures! i love coming here and always enjoy what i see. i love, love, love the colors and vintage look of what you do.

high fives!

Erica K

Wow 10 days? That's a nice long camping vacation! Have fun!

Love the fabrics!


I hope you have a great time on your vacation! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful colored goodies!

Dizzy Broad

I found your blog when I was searching for flowers to crochet. What beautiful creations you have! Thank you so much for sharing them and also thanks for the crochet tutorial. You are so talented! -gigi

katie r

they are both awesome!


Blueberry please because the top fabric looks just like a wallpaper that used to be in my parents' room when I was little. If I was ill I was tucked up in my mum's bed and cosseted and I still love these retro flowers. The strawberry is nice too, but the blueberry would be the winner for me. x


Thankyou for the opportunity of these gorgeous fabrics - "strawberry picnic" is for me please :-) Enjoy your trip. Cheers Kaylee

Jessie Lathroum

Hi Beata!
I was wondering what size squares you cut for these quilt tops???

:) Jessie

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